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Welcome to the official home of the Back Issue Bins for The JediCole Universe's longest running podcast, "Hey Kids, Comics!"

Arranged in "boxes" of approximately 50 issues per box, you can now peruse every single issue of the show that has ever been published in its long history!  New boxes will be added as more issues accumulate, generally five back issues at a time.  

For now, please enjoy perusing the back issues from #0 - 200 with a fifth box coming soon!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #0-50; Annual #1
 Hey Kids, Comics! #51-100; Annual #2
Hey Kids, Comics! #51-100; Annual #2

Hey Kids, Comics! #101-150
Hey Kids, Comics! #151-200

Hey Kids, Comics! #201-250; Halloween Special #1 

The JediCole Universe is On the Move!

Like so many Sandpeople, startled but regrouping in larger numbers, the JediCole Universe is on the move to our new home on the internets.

This is your official, most cordial invitation to check out the look of the new site and, later today, discover the JCU all over again.  Thanks to Hey Kids, Comics! host Andrew Farmer the site will have a more contemporary look, better separation of principle content, and some exciting new features!  

Full ingratiation of the original web address is in the words.  for the time being, however, Click Here to Check Out the New Site!

- JediCole

Andrew Farmer's Show Notes Are a Thing of Beauty!

With the conclusion of "Rogue-ish I's", the Batman villain story arc, the JCU is proud to share with you host Andrew Farmer's show notes.  

Click on the photo above to enlarge.
These notes were jotted down during the recording of the shows and reflect Andy's favorite moments!  Your hosts never really know what will come up during the course of a given show or arc, so to have a bit of the process preserved to be shared here is something unique.  Some details of the notes appear below.

You'll want to listen to "Rogue-ish I's:  Coin Toss" to get this particular reference above.

Good wine and great lines are mentioned above.  This is what happens when you mess with the Batmans!

Comic Book Bernie Sanders (from "Caucus on Infinite Earths" and other issues of the show) is referenced as well.

It's always best to record a show with a few friends in the audience.  Andy was accompanied by Spider-Man, Cyclops, Iron Man, Taskmaster, Starfox, Hawkeye, and Grim Reaper in this case!

Hey Kids, Comics! #194 - Rogue-ish I's: Barrel of Laughs

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston prepare to bid adieu to "Rogue-ish I's" with heavy hearts as this was a personal favorite arc for them both.  But if you have to go, then go out laughing as the old adage recommends!

With that in mind the arc concludes with a Batman villain who loves laughter so much it's deadly!  Laughter is not the best medicine when it comes to the Joker!  Your hosts explore this little fact with special guest Kelly Long.

When the Clown Prince of Crime is the subject of discussion, Hey Kids, Comics! goes to a dark, if funny, place.  Of all of Batman's nemeses, the Joker is the most mysterious, the most callous, the most clinically insane...and perhaps the most likely to reflect the psyche of the Dark Knight himself.  Find out for yourself just how alike these arch foes truly are as this latest arc concludes.

Prepare yourself for an intimate look at the man in purple who has brought the pasty face of villainy to Gotham City with a show that is a double-barreled shotgun of laughs!

Hey Kids, Comics! #193 - Rogue-ish I's: Cat's Pajamas

Rogue-ish I's draws closer to its conclusion and issue #200 looms large on the horizon as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston prepare to discuss the most purrrfect of Bat-villains, Catwoman!

Gotham's feline femme fatale has been a mainstream of the mythos for just over three quarters of a century!  Naturally that makes for a character in need of exploration HKC! style.  Joining your hosts this week is Catherine Houston (aka Mrs. JediCole).  A female perspective being most welcome when it comes to discovering a storied career rich with many changes of character as well as costume.

Catwoman rose from "just another crazy comic book criminal" to become a fairly heavy hitter in the DC Universe.  But what is her place in the psyche of Batman himself?  What facets of the Dark Knight are reflected in her personality like the facets of a coveted gem about to be stolen from a one-percenter's wall safe?  These and other questions are raised right here, right now. 

The Rantcor Pit #53 - Men in Masks

Recorded not long after the Sunday, August 21 episode of The Rantcor Pit Live, hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina continued to share the memories of Infinicon 2016 and especially moderating panels with Gerald Home and Dickey Beer.

Actor Gerald Home donned the mask and costume of Tessek (aka Squid-Head) of Jabba's Palace as well as that of a Mon Calamari officer aboard Home One in the climactic battle against the Empire.  Stuntman Dickey Beer was cast as Jabba's Skiff Guard Barada, but also took on the roles of a Gamorrean Guard on the Skiff, a Weequay, and even doubled for Jeremy Bullock and Mark Hamill during the battle over the Pit of Karkoon.  Furthermore he was a Stormtrooper and a Rebel Soldier for the Endoor battle scenes!

Your hosts, especially JediCole, had the opportunity to enjoy the company of both men at Infinicon during the Return of the Jedi panels and discovered there was so much more to them than Star Wars!  Many a tale of Hollywood was shared, so many that it took an episode of each of the Rantcor Pit incarnations to tell as many as possible.  From behind the scenes on what was to be Revenge of the Jedi to many other film and television tales, the discussion is a lively one on this episode.

JediCole, Gerald Home, Dickey Beer, and Eddie Medina invoke a classic Squid-Head pose!
Discover more about two incredible "men in masks" who were part of the final chapter of the original trilogy!

Hey Kids, Comics! #192 - Rogue-ish I's: Coin Toss

Heads or tails, black or white, off or on, this or that.  Pairs of choices that can dictate life if they are allowed.  In the case of one particular denizen of the Gotham City underworld, this is not only allowed, it is a way of life!

As the latest story arc continues to explore the place of Batman's top five villains in his war on crime and his life as reflected in each, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston brave the dichotomy of none other than Two-Face.

Steve McCauley returns to the show to add his own insights on this duplicitous villain.  Thoughts, ideas, and observations are tossed around like so many double-headed silver dollars and many a discovery is made about the nature of post-acid-assault Harvey Dent.

No flip of the coin is necessary when it comes to the decision of whether or not to delve into the more than two sides of Two-Face in the latest issue of 

(Click the link above to read "The Apocrypha #6".)

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