The JCU and Free Comic Book Day 2014 - Plano, TX

Great news, JediCole Universe fans!  We have been invited to appear and record content for a future JCU Live Special at Collected in Plano, TX on Saturday, May 3, 2014 as part of their Free Comic Book Day 2014 celebration!

Myself and Eddie Medina (of The Rantcor Pit, The Rantcor Pit Live, and Figments) will be on hand during the day to record some interviews with comic book collectors and fans, showcase Eddie's incredible art and my silly Jabba the Hutt sketch cards, and generally have a lot of fun with the crowds.  

Come on out and get in on the selection of free comics offered this year, shop their games, comics, and collectibles, and meet a couple of prolific podcasters in person!  I will have the latest The JediCole Universe trading card, info on Convention Awareness Project - Texas, and even a few giveaway surprises during the day!

Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Saturday, May 3, 2014) at:
Collected - Plano
3100 Independence Parkway #318
Plano, TX 75057

Not in Plano?  Not in Texas?  Free Comic Book Day is an international event founded in 2002.  To find a participating comic shop near you, visit the Free Comic Book Day website.

Figments Case File 006: Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters LIVE from All-Con 2014

Here it is Crypto-teers! The long awaited Part Two of our Live broadcast from All-Con 2014. It took a couple of extra weeks due to the extra post-production work we had to do in order to get the audio up to acceptable levels. But here it is..."Bigfoot, Mothman and other Mysterious Monsters."

This is an extra special treat in that it is a JCU Podcast Family Reunion! In the show you will hear many familiar voices of the JCU Podcasting world including Cole Houston, Andrew Farmer, Bobby Blakey and Roy Buckingham from Cult Film Fanatics. Lots of other friends chime in, both old and new, making this of of our goofiest episodes yet.

Please note there are two parts to this episode so make sure not to turn it off too early. You will hear the main panel which lasts 45 minutes but then right after is a BONUS 20 minute episode. The entire episode runs about 1 hour 8 minutes so make sure you don't stop at the 45 minute mark.

The Rantcor Pit Live 2: Seduction of the Sith

The Rantcor Pit fun continues with the second installment of the live show via Deep Ellum On Air!  

This week Cole Houston and Eddie Medina take a walk on the dark side.  That is the Dark Side of the Force!  Check out our thoughts on the "Rule of Two" with the Sith, Yoda's Chick-o-Stick experience, and a special new side of the Force that has not been previously explored!

The Rantcor Pit LIVE ep2 by DeepEllumOnAir

JCU Sunday Funnies #55

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Own the first year of You Are Here in a collected edition (Your First Year Here) only $7.50 postpaid.  More details here.

Hey Kids, Comics! #87 - Space Race

It's Hey Kids, Comics! time again with Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston!  Hot on the heels of last week's issue focusing on time travel, your intrepid hosts turn their attentions to the ups and downs of space travel!  Or more specifically, the inevitable effect thereof, a surfeit of alien races peopling the various comic book universes.

Done right, everything from alien invasions to cosmic encounters can add richness to a story or a continuity.  Done wrong you get everything from sappy stories to blatant (often pandering) rip-offs.  From the high profile Kree/Skrull War of The Avengers to the myriad races that people the oft-visited Vega System in DC titles, Andy and Cole just begin to scratch the surface of who and what is "out there".

So strap into your space-cockpit, buckle up your space-harness, fire up your space-rockets, and get your spaceship out into the vast and furious cosmos of comics with this week's fascinating discussion.  

Neil Degrasse Tyson action figure sold separately.

The Rantcor Pit 12: Star Wars Fandom at G33K3 The Con

Welcome to the latest installment of The Rantcor Pit!  This is the first of a couple of episodes that will have the unique distinction of having been recorded at live convention appearances! 

This one was recorded at G33K3 The Con in McKinney, Texas a few weeks ago.  This will explain any seeming gaps in timing on specifics like The Rantcor Pit Live which premiered last Sunday.  As promised, this week we bring you the prerecorded edition of the show and will follow it up in one week with another live streaming show in one week from Deep Ellum On Air.

Please pardon the echo as Cole and Eddie talk up Star Wars and its evolving fandom in a cavernous presentation space at one of Texas' newest conventions!

JCU Sunday Funnies #54

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Own the first year of You Are Here in a collected edition (Your First Year Here) only $7.50 postpaid.  More details here.

Hey Kids, Comics! #86 - Time Troubles

It's Friday and time for another issue of The JediCole Universe's own comic book podcast!  Past, present, or future, there is nothing quite like time travel to open up a floodgate of possibilities in comic books.  Love them or hate them, time travel stories are very much a part of the fabric of the medium.

Opinions on time travel in comics vary between your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they explore the many incarnations of mucking about in the flow of time.  Myriad are the characters who move through time like everyone else moves through space, with consequences from the awkward to the devastating.

Who are the major players in time travel?  What comics have explored this phenomenon well and which have failed miserably?  Who is the most roundly hated time traveler?  And what's up with Archie?

Discover this and more in this time-spanning issue!

"The Rantcor Pit" Makes Another Convention Appearance This Saturday!

Attending the North Texas Comic Book Show in Dallas on Saturday?  Look for Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina of The Rantcor Pit as they host a poolside recording of an upcoming episode of the show!  

The North Texas Comic Book Show is held at the Doubletree Hotel in Dallas a few times a year and both Cole and Eddie have had a long association with the show.  Weather permitting, this special edition of The Rantcor Pit will be recorded before a live audience poolside at the hotel.  We will be opening the mics to a repeat of "Speed Guesting", a little something we had at the show recorded at G33K3 Con a few weeks ago.  Attendees will be invited to be a guest of the show and join the hosts at the table for two minutes at a time!  

In addition to the live taping of the JCU's Star Wars podcast, Cole will also be moderating a panel with Ken Kristensen, creator and author of Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth!  This panel will also take place poolside where you can meet the writer of this wildly popular Image comic that is reportedly on its way to becoming an animated series!  

If that was not enough, there is an open invitation to costumers and cosplayers to become contestants in the Chris Skiles Memorial Cosplay Contest, held in memory of a local costumer and fan who's presence was well known at this and other DFW conventions.  First prize is $100!  

And don't forget the dealer and vendor areas featuring lots of toys, comics, Hot Wheels, and other collectibles plus the original work of many local artists like Eddie Medina and You Are Here artist Bobby Blakey!  You can get your copy of Your First Year Here: You Are Here Volume 1 at Bobby's table for the show special price of $5.00!

Check out the show details below:

North Texas Comic Book Show
Saturday, April 19, 2014
9:30 AM - 5 PM
Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center
2015 Market Center Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207
Admission - $10.00

Check out Convention Awareness Project - Texas for a full listing of other conventions of fan interest in Texas throughout 2014 by clicking here.

Something New From Our Own Andrew Farmer

2014 is rapidly becoming a year of milestones here at the JCU.  From record attendance at my talk shows at All-Con and the release of Your First Year Here - You Are Here Volume 1 to the launch just this week of The Rantcor Pit Live, there have been some amazing things happening.  And now my esteemed Hey Kids, Comics! co-host has hauled off and launched a project of his own along with his good friend Britny.

It is not at all surprising that I am not the only one here who can go on at length about Star Wars.  Andy and Britny can as well, with a very adult twist in this case.  They don't pull any punches so be warned, this is NOT for the kids!  But for us grown ups who can't get enough Star Wars, my I recommend...

The Rantcor Pit Live 1: Into a Larger World

As promised, the new incarnation of The Rantcor Pit has arrived!  This morning at 11 AM Central the first episode of The Rantcor Pit Live went out on the live feed of Deep Ellum On Air!  

If you missed the live version, it is archived on The Rantcor Pit Live page for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Check here in one week for a pre-recorded episode of The Rantcor Pit that was produced at G33K3 Con in McKinney.

A new episode of The Rantcor Pit Live will go out live on Sunday, April 27 from 11 AM to 12 PM Central and every other week thereafter.

The Rantcor Pit LIVE Ep.1 by DeepEllumOnAir

JCU Sunday Funnies #53

Welcome to the first "You Are Here" cartoon of the series' second year!  Yes, last week this feature celebrated its first full year as a part of The JediCole Universe.  A collected edition of this cartoon, including one piece published only on my Facebook page and one that has never been published anywhere.  Signed copies are available for $7.50 postpaid and order details can be found here.

Hey Kids, Comics! #85 - The Great HKC!/Whadjathink? Crossover (Volume 1)

In honor of HKC! founder and host Andrew Farmer's recent move to Arizona, this issue of the show is being released on Friday (as promised), just on Friday relative to Arizona time.  Our apologies for this edition running late, but it is a special Double-Sized issue!

Winter is Coming

It was bound to happen!  When a comic book show and a movie review show share the same podcasting network, a crossover is somewhat inevitable.  This is especially true when a major comic book movie arrives that demands such a team-up!

That movie is, of course, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and by mutual fanboy gushing it was decided that Andrew and Cole needed to join forces with Catherine and Bobby to bring our respective shows together in one massive issue of Marvel goodness.


"Aren't you glad we saw the movie before catching the latest HKC! issue?" 
As this issue takes its cues from the format of Whadjathink?, the coverage of Captain America's second big screen outing is chock full of spoilers.  If you have not seen this movie and don't want to find out, well, everything in advance then do not listen to this episode until after you get to the theater!  No punches are pulled as nearly every moment of the film is discussed.  

So join the fun (now that you've seen this amazing Marvel movie) as worlds collide and a major milestone in this constantly unfolding franchise comes to the fore.  Andrew, Cole, Catherine, and Bobby just can't wait to share their moviegoing experience with you!  And lots of spoilers, too!

Arnim Zola: Mad genius, accomplished documentary filmmaker.

"Hey Kids, Comics!" and "The Rantcor Pit" Are On the Move!

Greetings, JediCole fans!  I have some big news for you regarding a couple of favorite podcasts from The JediCole Universe Podcasting Network.  Two of the most popular shows on the network are going to have a change of schedule beginning this week.

In order to maintain the quality of the show and keep up with the self-imposed weekly schedule, Andrew Farmer has chosen to move Hey Kids, Comics! weekly release date from Wednesday to Friday.  Start your weekend off right with the JCU show that takes and in-depth look at comics from every conceivable angle.  

Andy and Cole will be talking up one of their favorite subjects again on Friday, April 11 as HKC! moves into its new spot in the week.  If you are wondering what became of us today, now you know.  Just give us a couple of extra days and we will deliver some more fun and thoughtful comics programming for your enjoyment.

The Rantcor Pit has had a rather sporadic schedule of late, bouncing around here and there.  Well it is time to get back to basics with a set release day each week.  As you may now know, the Star Wars-themed podcast I co-host with Eddie Medina of Figments  has been invited to become a part of Deep Ellum on Air, a Dallas, Texas based network of podcasts and programming! 

The Rantcor Pit Live will premiere as the opening show of their Sunday lineup on April 13 and return every other week as a companion show to The Rantcor Pit here at the JCU on alternate Sundays (starting April 20).  That's right!  You can now get your Rantcor fix every Sunday right here and over at Deep Ellum On Air!  

So, to recap, look for the new line-up here staring in just a couple of days...

Hey Kids, Comics! - Every Friday starting April 11
The Rantcor Pit Live - Every other Sunday starting April 13
The Rantcor Pit - Every alternating Sunday starting April 20

JCU Sunday Funnies #52

Hey Kids, Comics! #84 - Creator Spotlight #3: It's Good to Be the Jack "King" Kirby!

Despite overwhelming odds (actually exhaustion) Andrew Farmer and Cole "JediCole" Houston are back with more Hey Kids, Comics! fun.  And they are proud to bring you the return of a recurring feature, "Creator Spotlight"

This outing the light shines on none other than Jack Kirby!  A giant among giants, Kirby's career saw his work grace the pages of comics in nearly every genre in the catalog.  He worked with writers who are industry giants in their own right and created some of the most memorable and enduring characters in comics.  From his long collaboration with Stan Lee to his defining years at DC, Kirby's influence on contemporary comics certainly knows no bounds. 

So join Andy and Cole as they share their own insights on a legend of comics who deserves more than a measly hour to do his career justice.

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