Hey Kids, Comics! #36 - Bring On the Bad Guys! The Dark Side of Comics

Little by little we are managing to return to our Wednesday schedule.  While this issue is introduced as #35, it is in fact #36.

Every great hero has his or her villain.  Or in the case of comics, villain, villains, villain team(s), or rogue's gallery.  It is the inevitable after effect of the hero, super or otherwise.  The arch-nemeis, the player on the other side, the opposite, the reverse of the coin - call them what you will, the "bad guys" are a given in the genre.

Andrew and Cole delve deep into the minds of the twisted, the nasty, the evil, the greedy, and the down right insane in this special issue of Hey Kids, Comics!

Hey Kids, Comics! #35 - The Ballad of Bobby Blakey or What Do You Do With a Big Dumb Gorilla?

There is an alley that is peopled by a curious collection of denizens.  But this is not some dark passageway filled with shifty characters, instead it is well lit and awash in colorful images.  It is the Artist Alley at almost any convention.  And from such a unique environment we bring you an infrequent resident, one Bobby Blakey.

You may not know Bobby or know if his work, but you should.  If you have followed this show or many of the features of The JediCole Universe then you have seen his art.  The banner headshots of Andrew and Cole and the Rantcor are both fine examples.  After all of the work he has done for this show and site and indeed for other JediCole pursuits, often on quite short notice, it was decided that the HKC! spotlight needed to shine on Bobby, who graciously put his head on the chopping block (we had to got there considering the self-portrait he sent when one was requested) and tossed it about for an hour.

And now we give you a glimpse at the most self deprecating artist we know…

Want to get to know Bobby even better?  You can find his work, past and present, by following these links: 

Last Stop (Six years worth of Bobby's work!)
The Examiner (Profile)

Hey Kids, Comics #34 - Secret Origins of Hey Kids, Comics!

Welcome to a most unusual issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  As with comic books themselves, sometimes you just have to run a reprint of an older issue to fill in the blanks and keep up the schedule.  In this case a recording from the archives is going to become a special episode of the show.  

So if you are wondering why so much of this is so dated, well, this show was kind of a prototype for what became Hey Kids, Comics! that Andrew recorded some time ago with Stu from Midnight Movie Cowboys.  So enjoy a brief glimpse into the show that was practice for all that would follow.  Our issue #-1 if you will.

Update: Thank you to Stu for pointing out on Facebook that the original recording was made back in August 2011.  The first issue of HKC! as you know it debuted on the JCU Podcasting Network on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.  So the recording below is darn near two years old.  Thank you also to Stu for holding on to it all of these years and remembering it was still out there somewhere.

Warning, the "s-word" is used.

Hey Kids, Comics! #33 - To Kill a Robin

Better late than never!

With All-Con prep, the show itself, and the recovery I've fallen a couple of issues behind on the schedule for "Hey Kids, Comics!"  Luckily we recorded this episode early against just such an emergency!

In this case we recorded an episode in response to the leaked information that the current Robin, Damian Wayne, was undoubtedly going to soon be the late Robin.  Rather appropriate that this issue ran late, eh?

It seems that to don the green, red, and yellow gives one a fifty/fifty chance that they will be killed in action.  Andrew and Cole explore the colorful history of the Robin Hood-inspired sidekick.  Who has taken up the mantle?  Who has survived and even thrived?  Is it a good idea to recruit children into the danger-ridden field of super-heroics? 

This and more is explored in the latest issue of The JediCole Universe's own comic book show!

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