Figments Case File 009: Slenderizing and Tenderizing

Figments returns with an all new season! Tonight's episode finds our mystery couple, Colleen and Eddie, hunting down the creepy construct, the Slenderman. Is Slenderman simply a product of one man's imagination or is he an ancient evil as old as the ages? Find out as we begin Season 2 of your favorite unexplained mysteries podcast.

The Rantcor Pit #25 - We Don't Need Their Scum!

Welcome to the latest (if a bit late) edition of The Rantcor Pit!  Hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina ran into a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell and got a great idea for a show topic.  The bounty hunters of Star Wars!

From the "Empire Six" to Cad Bane and beyond, bounty hunters have been a major part of the Star Wars saga onscreen and off.  What makes these soldiers of fortune so intriguing to fans?  Why have so many been afforded so much back story and attention.  Why do we really need their scum?  

Cole and Eddie discuss these factors and more in a lively discussion about some of the more popular, if lacking in screen time, characters of the Saga.  Discover some of the reasons that those who embody scum and villainy get are so sought after as subjects of literature and collectibles.  

"Take that, Reginaald!"
As promised, "The Muppet Movie"/"The Clone Wars" connection.

Hey Kids, Comics! Live #2 - Con Men

Welcome at last to the second big issue of Hey Kids, Comics! Live, delayed two weeks but here at last!  

JediCole meets Harry Knowles at Wizard World Austin Comic Con!

Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, at the JCU's home away from home Deep Ellum on Air were joined by Chris - the founder of teh North Texas Comic Book Shows and Ron - owner of the comic and pop culture store chain Collected for a discussion of the life and times of the comic book convention.

Ron and Chris join the fun at "Hey Kid,s Comics! Live.

The convention scene has changed drastically over the years in Texas and around the country.  With close to 100 years of experience collectively in every aspect of the convention, your hosts and their guests look at comic conventions from the standpoint of attendees, promoters, and vendors.  

Get in on the conversation that originally went out live from Deep Ellum in Dallas on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Hey Kids, Comics! 2014-10-25 by DeepEllumOnAir

JCU Sunday Funnies #81

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Own the first year of You Are Here in a collected edition (Your First Year Here) only $7.50 postpaid.  More details here.

Hey Kids, Comics! #110 - Comicades: The 70s "Comics and Me (Decade)"

Every decade has its defining moments, its pieces of history, and its influences on the those that follow.  When it comes to comic books, the events and trends, economics and public mood help inform the direction that publishers take and leave their mark on the comics that are produced during a given decade.

Join hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they launch a new story arc that promises to take an in-depth look at "a decade in comics" from the 70s through the (albeit not even half done) 10s.  

"Cerebus Begins"

This week the "Me Decade" of the 70's launches the arc.  From seemingly rampant licensing to a massive number of titles available from both DC and Marvel, the so-called Bronze Age of comics was also a Golden Age of many aspects.  For some genres it marked the beginning, for others the end.

Get in on the nostalgia as Hey Kids, Comics! takes you through over 40 years of the art and industry of comics!

Your father's Guardians of the Galaxy

The Collector's Piece: Loot Point or Why You Should Subscribe to Loot Crate

In the past few months the term "Loot Crate" has been one I have seen here and there, mostly on Facebook, and eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I took the plunge.

But what does that mean exactly?  What is Loot Crate and what does subscribing entail?  

August 2014's Loot Crate included an exclusive Groot Pop! Vinyl!

I was wondering that myself when I decided to get in on the action.  As the head of Games and Theory, the game shows track for All-Con each year I am always on the lookout for potential prizes large and small for our contestants.  Beyond that I am an avid geek and love cool collectibles of every kind.  These two factors were a big part of my decision, but certainly one of them is kind of unique to myself.  However, the other deciding factor - cool collectibles - is certainly far less so.

I had heard about the product mix in Loot Crates having included such things as Pop! vinyl figurines and other such collectibles from Funko as well as t-shirts, fridge magnets, keychains and the like.  I was also moderately aware that each month's box was themed, the most recent being October's "Fear" theme.  As I write this article I am awaiting that particular crate, but I have already received my first crate, September's "Galactic", and I must say I am impressed, especially for the price.  But why not see for yourself in the following JCU Video Selfie...

In the brief, Loot Crate offers fandom a fun collection of $40 worth of themed goodies on a monthly basis at a really good price overall.  The Funko Reaction Alien figure alone would cost $10 at any retail outlet.  Factor that into the subscription cost of $11.67 to $13.37 per month (depending on your subscription level) and it really turns out to be a bargain!  Personally I went for the six month plan and look forward to sharing the contents of future crates with followers of the JCU as each month's selection arrives.

T-shirt design from July's "Villains" Loot Crate
If you have been inspired to subscribe to Loot Crate at the one, three, or six month level, just click here to get in on the fun.  And to sweeten the pot, Loot Crate has offered past crates to new subscribers and has a monthly drawing for a highly valuable ($750 worth of coolness) Mega Crate to be won by a lucky subscriber!

A little black box of amazing!

The Rantcor Pit Live #14 - Ben Cooper, Don Post, and Beyond

With Halloween fast approaching it seemed inevitable that some coverage of the costumes of yesteryear would have to become a topic of discussion on The Rantcor Pit.  And since the live show offers a unique way to showcase such costumes, we jumped the gun on the date and did an episode on how that galaxy far, far away impacted the costume and candy laden end of October!

Eddie Medina was out at the Fan Days convention in Irving all weekend selling his art, so Cole Houston was joined by an old friend and fellow Star Wars enthusiast, Steve McCauley!

Join them as they talk about the earliest Star Wars costumes.  From the ultra-thin plastic masks and rubbery costume body suits of Ben Cooper to the insurgence of costumes both commercially made and hand made by fans today, Star Wars has gone beyond the holiday when it comes to dressing up as your favorite character.  

The Rantcor Pit 2014-10-19 by DeepEllumOnAir

JCU Sunday Funnies #80

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Own the first year of You Are Here in a collected edition (Your First Year Here) only $7.50 postpaid.  More details here.

Happy Birthday, Rantcor Pit!

On October 18, 2013, The JediCole Universe published the first episode of a new incarnation of The Rantcor Pit.  

Jettisoning the "solo rant" format of the first two episodes earlier in the year, JediCole was joined by Eddie Medina to bring a more conversational tone to the show.  One year later the bi-weekly show on this network has spawned a bi-weekly live show at  on alternate Sundays.  

Thank you to everyone who has made our first year amazing and inspiring.  We look forward to bringing you more of our own unique look at Star Wars as film, saga, franchise, and cultural phenomenon in our second big year!

Hey Kids, Comics! #109 - Share My Dredd

In Charles Dicken's classic Oliver Twist, Mr. Bumble contends, "The law is a ass - a idiot!"  Certainly Bumble would not have been so bold had the law in question be the self-proclaimed embodiment thereof known as Judge Dredd!

Welcome to a special edition of Hey Kids, Comics! that explores the uncanny success of British export Judge Dredd.  Hailing from the pages of 2000 A.D. magazine, the "top cop" of the Cursed Earth has made a mark for himself with more than just the heel of his enormous boot!

Judge Dredd has been a tremendous success on two shores, from comics to movies and beyond.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have more than a passing knowledge of the character and his storied history,  but for this show they had to call in the "big guns"!  This week your hosts are joined by Hunter Duesing of Midnight Movie Cowboys who brings his experience to the fore.

From comics to film and beyond, the unwavering face of law and order has become the face of "Judge, Jury, and Executioner".

An actual promotional comic shop sign from the 90s.

Do It Yourself 5: The Wolverine

Do you ever come out of a movie and wonder just what went wrong?  Sometimes highly anticipated films just let us down.  What can be done about this?  

Well Vegabomber and Joose have come to our rescue with plans to refurbish and rebuild our favorite fixer-uppers.  Give the show a listen and find out what improvements these guys would implement to make "The Wolverine" a more watchable production.  While an improvement on its predecessor, Logan's latest solo outing still needs some work.  Find out why and what they do about it...

The Rantcor Pit #24 - Rise of the Planet of the Collectibles

The Rantcor Pit is back again and so is Eddie's brother!

Welcome to a collectibles retrospective episode that takes an intense look at Star Wars collectibles from the minimal selections of 1977 to the Episode 1 glut to the present seemingly endless stream of merchandising that perpetuates to this day.

From a handful of licensed collectibles to innumerable products that grace collections of fans worldwide, the Star Wars saga has been a bottomless well of potential for manufacturers, publishers, and retailers for nearly 40 years.

Join Cole Houston and Eddie Medina, along with special returning guest Vic Medina, as they share personal anecdotes and a general history of the evolution of the collector's from the 70's through today.  


The Fate of Hey Kids, Comics! Live #2

It is with sincere apologies that I have to announce that the October issue of Hey Kids, Comics! Live has been postponed by at least two weeks.

Due to a variety of circumstances out of our control, Andrew Farmer and I had to abandon the planned live airing of the episode on Saturday, October 11, 2014 from Deep Ellum On Air.  On behalf of the entire The JediCole Universe crew I extend my apologies for this interruption so early into the new series.  We are working to reschedule for, ideally, October 25, 2014.  

Our special guest for this episode will be Bobby Blakey (artist of "You Are Here" as well as master martial artist) who will join us to further explore the martial arts in comics.

Thank you for your understanding,

JCU Sunday Funnies #79

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Own the first year of You Are Here in a collected edition (Your First Year Here) only $7.50 postpaid.  More details here.

Hey Kids, Comics! #108 - HKC! Team-Up #5: Teen Titans

Titans together!

It's time again to talk teams with another HKC! Team-Up issue!  This time Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston team up to talk up the Teen Titans!

With an ever-changing roster that would rival that of the Avengers or Justice League, the group that once collected the major heroes' sidekicks would go on to be a major powerhouse of the DC Universe.  Join your hosts as they discuss the long history of the team, its many members, and the evolution of the charter members from "kid heroes" to some of the most influential characters in comics.

Listen to this Titan-ic episode right here.

The Rantcor Pit Live #13 - Playin' Video Games Ain't Like Dustin' Crops, Boy!

If you missed the live feed of the latest show on Deep Ellum on Air on October 5th, here is your chance to get in on the action!  

With JediCole out of town (again), Eddie Medina is joined by recurring guest co-host Colleen Medina for a discussion of Star Wars video games.  

With Cole's last attempt at playing such games being over 20 years ago, they brought in a third player, special guest Christopher Tyler Short!  Get ready to plug in and get your game on with the latest installment of The Rantcor Pit Live

The Rantcor Pit LIVE 2014-10-05 by DeepEllumOnAir

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