Hey Kids, Comics! #178 - Comic Book Capers: Exit Through the Comic Shop

Hey kids!  "Hey Kids, Comics!" is back, if a bit late (again).  The latest story arc continues and this time the first of our crime files is opened.

In this issue, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss the crime of theft.  Both petty and more importantly the grand variety as they pertain to comic books, comic collectors, and comic shops.  

From the pilfering of high end comics that were formerly on display at a convention to the most famous heist of all, the theft of a portion of Nicholas Cage's prized comic book collection!  When comic books get stolen it creates grief for the owner and problematic aftermath that extends beyond the thief.  

For Andrew, in memorium.

The Rantcor Pit Live #47 - Lose Credits: A Theory of Everything Star Wars

This edition of the Rantcor Pit Live is several weeks old.  I have fallen behind in getting the archives posted to the JCU and have finally begun the process of posting each episode here.  Initially there will be no flavor copy or art, but that will be populated soon.  Please bear with me as I scramble to get all of the JCU features back on schedule.  -  JediCole

JCU Sunday Funnies #108

Hey Kids, Comics! #177 - Comic Book Capers: I'll See You in Court!

This issue of the show ran late in publication here.  It should have gone up on the site on Friday, April 15, 2016.

It's story arc time again!  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take their case to court.  More accurately they talk about court cases in the opening arguments of a five issue story arc that is all about real world civil and criminal cases.  

Don't let the flavor art fool you, this time it is all about real people, real cases, real comics.  A huge part of the genre of the comic book is the publication and production of the finished product and also the distribution, sales, and ultimately collecting of comics.  But sometimes there are legal disputes along the way that become, in their own right, a part of the ongoing story.

In this issue such weighty issues as ownership of comic characters and the artwork thereof, legality of adult-oriented material, and copyright infringement are the order of the day.  Your hosts delve deep into various cases as they launch a series on comic book crimes and misdemeanors.  

JCU Sunday Funnies #107

JCU Sunday Funnies #106

This edition of Sunday Funnies was originally slated to go live on Sunday, April 10, 2016 and did not post properly, hence the odd arrival on a Wednesday.  The next edition will arrive on time on Sunday morning, April 17, 2016.

Hey Kids, Comics #176 - A Baton to the Face II (or: "We'd Rather be Watching Daredevil II"

This issue of Hey Kids, Comics! was originally slated to appear on this site on Friday, April 8, 2016.  The JCU is slowly catching up, so this Friday's show should arrive on time.

Out of the darkness on a steamy night in Hell’s Kitchen, the multiplying forces of justice seek to end the forces of darkness and evil that threaten the very safety and security of a city!

Such is a poor appraisal of the thrill of having Daredevil on Netflix yet again!  The second season arrived like a crimson avenger swooping in out of nowhere in the nick of time.  Okay, not quite the nick of time.  For those of us who watched the first season back when it was released, the wait for its return was a long one.  Even as amazing as Jessica Jones proved to be, it was not enough to sate the hunger that grew in all of us, especially with the word that both Elektra and the Punisher would be in the mix!

Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston express their boundless enthusiasm for the return of ol’ Horn Head to the little screen in this special issue of the show.  There is no curbing the enthusiasm of these Daredevil fans as they share thoughts and observations about the Netflix series that could easily be called “Red is the New Black…and Blue”!    

Hey Kids, Comics! #175 - Challenge of the Comics Pros

This issue was slated to appear on Friday, April 1, 2016.  It went live on Podbean that day, but not on the JCU site.

Welcome to another milestone issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  

For our 175th issue, your host Andrew Farmer sought to shine the HKC! spotlight on an oft overlooked segment of comics - the retailer.  

Earlier this year the annual Comics Pro meeting was held in Portland, Oregon.  This conference of the professional organization of comic book retailers marked the tenth year that comic shop owners gathered to meet executives and directors of comic companies, to share insights in marketing their business and their wares, and generally meet with their peers from across the country.

This year was remarkable in that DC Comics set out to promote the upcoming "Rebirth" event that is notable for flooding the market with twice-monthly publication of a large volume of titles.  This conference is one of the most important gatherings of the year for comic book retailers and proved a fascinating topic of discussion.  Join Andy and Cole "JediCole" Houston as they explore the challenges facing the interconnected aspects of comic publishing and retail today and in the months and years to come.


JCU Sunday Funnies #105

And the Funnies Just Keep On Coming!  Again.

Three years ago today I had an idea pop into my head that led to Bobby Blakey translating a joke into a one panel cartoon.  Though neither of us would have imagined that day, this would lead to a two-year collaboration that became "You Are Here", featured on this site at "JCU Sunday Funnies" for an uninterrupted 104 weeks!

Bobby took a hiatus (much needed) but was recently inspired to return to the series, surprising me with having picked up some of the concepts for the third year's cartoons.  While we are still at least a week shy of the third anniversary of the cartoon's debut here, I simply could not wait to relaunch as the birthday of the first cartoon fell on a Sunday this year.  So now, as announced on "The Rantcor Pit Live" earlier today, I give you the return of JCU Sunday Funnies!

Watch "The Rantcor Pit Live" Today For a Special Announcement!

Hey everybody!  JediCole here to let you know that you should watch today's episode of "The Rantcor Pit Live" from Deep Ellum on Air from 12 PM to 1 PM Central.  Click the link below to go straight to Watch On Air Live and see myself and Eddie Medina talk encounters with the stars of Star Wars!  

Our special guest this time is Bobby Blakey for a many reasons, not the least of which is that announcement that will be made live on the show!  

Then look for a follow-up post that will appear on this website shortly after the end of the latest episode!

- JediCole

Hey Kids, Comics! #174 - To All-Con and Back Again

Well, it had to happen eventually!  Cole Houston returns to his co-hosting gig on "Hey Kids, Comics!"

"It Came From the Dollar Store" as part of  The JediCole Universe Live at All-Con 2016.
Back from All-Con (and the recovery period that followed), Cole joins host Andrew Farmer for a discussion about the favorite convention of The JediCole Universe.  This issue is running quite late due to a bout with the inevitable con-crud, something Cole thought he managed to avoid at the time of the recording.

JediCole and VegaBomber host "Screen Time" at All-Con\.
All-Con 2016 was a banner year for Cole with the biggest turn out for the game show track in its long history.  A new hotel (and all of its ups and downs), tons attending fans, new features and lots of fun were the order of the weekend.

Bobby Blakey in the Large Props Room.

If you were unable to attend All-Con, let this be your glimpse at the fun from the experience of an insider.

JediCole moderates a delightful panel with Paul "Greedo" Blake.
Half-Ass Productions brought it to All-Con yet again this year!

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