Hey Kids, Comics! #155 - Here There Be Monsters!

Hey Kids, Halloween!  Well, tomorrow anyway, but why wait?

Welcome to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! and a very special one at that!

Having passed the 150 episode milestone (over and above Annuals), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are proud to present an issue that is all about the place of monsters in comics.  From the outset horror and monsters have been very much a part of the four color mythos.  As the "monster holiday" fast approaches it seemed an ideal time to explore the dark corners of comic books past and present.

Joining your hosts this week is a very special guest indeed!  Comic creator and historian, musician, author, and all around font of pop-culture knowledge Michael H. Price lent HKC! his time for one of the most memorable episodes to date.  This issue delves into one of the most prevalent genres of comics with someone who has been in involved with the medium as everything from reader to publisher to writer and more.

You can find Michael H. Price's many publications on Amazon, click HERE to check them out and buy his amazing work!

The Rantcor Pit #42 - Collect All 10: Figures Sold Separately

A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away, the first Star Wars toys arrived on the scene.  Since then thousands have followed, making the topic of this episode all the more daunting for your hosts!

Concluding "Collect All 10", Cole Houston and Eddie Medina talk about their own personal best when it comes to Star Wars toys other than action figures.   If you missed out on the previous two episodes, be sure and give them a listen for some insights on the Vintage and contemporary action figures that preceded the current run of Episode VII toys.  This time, however, it is about everything else ever made.  Well, ten toys from that category, anyway. 

But how does one reduce hundreds upon hundreds of choices to a mere five?  That was a question heavy on the minds of The Rantcor Pit's hosts as they shared their favorites.

Find out exactly which ten toys made the cut, along with some back story on each, as Cole and Eddie fondly express their love of these great collectibles.  From action figure-related vehicles and playsets to a unique piece from the 70s, there was so much to talk about that this episode runs over an hour in length!  

Photos feature the collection of Cole "JediCole" Houston

Hey Kids, Comics! #154 - Time Out

Take a moment to give some of your time to the exploration of comics past, present and future as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston challenge time itself!

More accurately they delve into those who truly do rail against chronology within the comics.  Time travelers!  No comic book universe is truly complete without one.  And some have more than their fair share.  

In defiance of the inevitability of anomalies, a veritable legion of time travelers people the comics we love, wreaking havoc or righting wrongs.  Heroes and villains alike have leaped from their present to antiquity or the frontiers of tomorrow utilizing their own inherent powers or creations of advanced science.  

Your hosts took a timely journey into time with explorations of the multi-faceted king of the Marvel time travelers, who's got the best means of moving through the ages, and why time travel is more often not the best plot device out there.  All this and more because if you've go the time, we've got the Hey Kids, Comics!

The Rantcor Pit Live #40 - Galactic Games II

Let the Games...BEGIN!

Welcome to a special episode of The Rantcor Pit Live as originally aired on Sunday, October 18, 2015.  Eddie Medina was off the show to appear in the Artist Alley at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, so Cole took the opportunity to bring back the game show that Eddie created in his absence last July.  

With a series of challenging questions in a variety of categories, contestants Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston, Jason McLean, Hunter Duesing, and Matt Rox tested there Star Wars mettle.  From character recognition to behind the scenes knowledge, few were the questions that went unanswered.  The new feature, Fun With Star Wars, also returned.

So without further ado, The JediCole Universe, in association with Deep Ellum on Air and One-Eyed Joe Media presents the second Galactic Games!

The Rantcor Pit 2015-10-18 by DeepEllumOnAir

Hey Kids, Comics! #153 - Sing a Song of Comics

There is music in the air, there is music everywhere, there is music in your comics!

Wait, what?  Yes, that's right!  Music in your comics!  Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston ask you to follow the bouncing ball as they explore the links between music and comics as well as comics and music.

From the Teen Titan's own garage band to the comic book dominance of KISS, there was so much to talk about (or sing about) on this subject that special musical consultant Hunter Duesing of Midnight Movie Cowboys was brought in for this special issue of the show.

So prepare yourself for a journey in song, an exploration in a musical vein, and the rhythmic tones of Andrew, Cole, and Hunter as they sing a song of comics!

The Rantcor Pit #41 - Collect All 10, Too

Well, that took some doing!  There were issues downloading this episode of the show, but it cooperated at last nearly a week late!  We hope that you enjoy the show, even very late.

Do you like the Star Wars...action figures?

Two weeks after hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina shared their favorites from the nearly 100 action figures produced between 1978 and 1985 by Kenner, they seek to define their personal top five from the hundreds that followed beginning in 1995!  

With so many figures to choose from over the years it was a monumental task to limit the conversation to a mere five action figures each.  To soften the blow a bit, figures from The Force Awakens were excluded from the mix.

So discover what modern Star Wars figures that are favored by Eddie and Cole as well as the stories behind them.  Plus Honorable Mention figures from both the Vintage and modern line!

Photos from the collection of Cole "JediCole" Houston

Hey Kids, Comics! #152 - A Wolf Pack of One

Heroes Who Go Solo

That is the focus of this week's issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which your hosts explore the dynamic of taking the law into your own hands...by yourself!

Marvel, DC, and indeed most comic publishers with super-heroes have had their share of loners.  Face it, some heroes are just better off on their own.  So your non-loner hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have taken it upon themselves to explore the drives and dynamics of going it alone.  

Many are the heroes who choose the lonesome path, but why?  What drives them to this approach and why have so many gone on to join teams, thus depleting the pool of genuine solo heroes?  Thes and other questions are posed and discussed at length.  Even the question of who might need to consider a solo career rather than being a serial "team player" is raised! 

Image of "loners" compiled prior to recording and does not necessarily reflect heroes discussed on the show.

The Rantcor Pit Live #39 - A Death Star is Born

This episode of the live show originally aired on Sunday, October 4, 2015 live from Dallas, TX.

Your favorite Star Wars guys are back again live from Deep Ellum on Air!  How do they follow up an entire episode on the subject of Hammerhead?  Why with an episode about the Death Star of course!  Don't see the connection?  Well, there is not one, actually.

None the less, Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina proudly spend their hour on the live show talking about one of the most iconic space stations in science fiction history.  It is certainly among the most recognizable aspects of the Star Wars universe.  So if there was just one weapon worth talking about for a whole show, it would have to be the Empire's "technological terror"!

So be sure to watch the show and hear what your hosts have to say on the subject of what is obviously no moon and explore some possible explanations as to why we really needed another Death Star after somebody broke the perfectly good one we started with!  All that and the first installment of "Fun With Star Wars", leading up to an upcoming episode of the audio show, and some insights on making your own "rare" collectible non-Death Star variant toy! 

It turns out that it was a pencil sharpener, not a bank!

The Rantcor Pit LIVE 2015-10-04 by DeepEllumOnAir

Don't forget to send us your vintage Death Star selfies!

Hey Kids, Comics! #151 - HKC! Team-Up #7: The Outsiders

It's time again for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to talk up another aspect of comics!  It is also time for another exploration of the super-hero team dynamic with another HKC! Team Up!  This time the spotlight lands on the group that started their joint career as Batman and the Outsiders and would later drop the prefix to be simply The Outsiders.

Batman's personal version of the Justice League would introduce a variety of new heroes and villains to the ever-expanding DC Universe and bring some compelling tales.  Discover this often forgotten group as your hosts share personal memories as well as tales of the team and some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the comic itself. 

From the ever-changing roster of the team to its relaunch (sans Batman) to an interesting revelation about one of  its members, there was plenty to discuss when it came to the Outsiders.  Enjoy this exploration of a team that gathered storied veterans of DC together with brand new players to create some memorable tales of super-heroes banding together for the greater good!

What does THIS have to do with the show?  Find out when  you give it a listen!

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