The Rantcor Pit #48 – Mythic Proportions: Finding Mythos

Could it be true or is it just a myth?  The Rantcor Pit is back?! 

Yes indeed, after two months on hiatus due to multiple scheduling conflicts, Cole “JediCole” Houston and Eddie Medina have returned to the simple tricks and nonsense that they have been away from for far too long!  So long in fact that the “One End of This Galaxy to the Other” story arc has been abandoned in favor of another.  It has simply been too long ago that the momentum was in place for that discussion.  It will likely be revived at some point in the future.

Instead your intrepid Star Wars fanboys class the joint up a bit as this show rapidly approaches its milestone 50th episode with the help of special guest (and classical mythology maven) Kelly Long.  The connections, analogues, and other hints of classical mythology and folklore are the topic of conversation.  This trio digs deep into both the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy to find connections with the stories of the ancients. 

Jumping off from Joseph Campbell’s observation that the Star Wars Saga becomes the mythology of contemporary civilization, this episode explores aspects of the films never touched on by the author.  Where do set pieces like Jabba’s Palace fit into the framework of the Classics?  Do Episodes 1 through 3 have any such connections to the lore of the Ancients?  These and other aspects of the Saga that related to mythology are explored in the first part of a mythic pair of episodes.

JCU Sunday Funnies #113

Hey Kids, Comics! #180 - Comic Book Capers: Comic Book Heroes

The "Comic Book Capers" arc continues, and on schedule!

Welcome to the latest issue of HKC! in which crime, litigation, and other legal matters as they pertain to comics has been the order of the day for the last several shows.  

Things take a different turn as the arc draws toward its conclusion with a look at some "good guys" in the industry.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at some more positive stories surrounding the law (and those who stand up for the rights of artists and retailers) and so much more.
Enjoy this unique look at some of the true heroes of comics, the real world heroes that have made a difference in the lives of comic professionals and fans alike!

JCU Sunday Funnies #112

Ooops!  A day late, but fun none the less!

Hey Kids, Comics! #179 - Comic Book Capers: The Copyists

Andy and Cole are Back!

And they brought the "Lost Arc" with them!  Yes, it is true, the latest story arc, "Comic Book Capers" has been on a lengthy hiatus and now returns with the middle chapter.  Thank you for sticking with us as we muddled through getting everything back in gear as well as dealing with some technical issues that are slowly being resolved.  (No more degraded links to the shows, in other words!)
Counterfeit Darwyn Cooke "original art" sold recently on eBay.
Join the fun as your hosts pick up the tale of real life comic book crime discussing the theft of artists' work in a uniquely modern fashion.  This issue is all about the various would-be artists who take a huge creative shortcut in achieving a dream for which they lack the talent and the patience.
Thomas Branch's Cassandra Kane redesign and target of a design theif.
Dallas-based comic artist and print illustrator Thomas Branch joins the show with a story of his own art being pilfered for the gain of another and brings ample insight into the phenomenon.  Other artists' work being copied, either by self aggrandizing wannabes online or by those who simply download images they can alter enough to pretend the work is their own is the topic at hand and proved a meaty one indeed.

An example of Texas artist Chris "Oz" Fulton's  art co-opted by a non-artist.

JCU Sunday Funnies #111

Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Captain America: Civil War

Technical difficulties leading to the loss of half of the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! have forced a postponement of the story arc (again).  In the mean time we are proud to present the second summer crossover movie review event of 2016!

Do you like the Captain America?

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined for the second time this "Summer Blockbuster Season" by Mrs. JediCole for a crossover discussion on just that topic.  Or at least that topic as it pertains to the latest Marvel movie, Captain America:  Civil War!

The long-awaited return of the Winter Soldier is the catalyst for the action in this contender for the top spot in box office receipts.  With a huge cast, a massive budget, and a whole lot of action, it has to be something spectacular.  Right?

Find out if your podcast hosts felt that way as they discuss and explore the plot and the action.  Did this latest installment of the franchise find favor?  Did it falter ore was it most satisfying?  There is one good way to find out, you know...


JCU Sunday Funnies #110

JCU Sunday Funnies #109

A day late, but you can pretend it is still Sunday if you wish.

Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Superman . Batman: Dawn of Justice

Lookie!  "Whadjathink?" is back!  Well, sort of.  

This week (even if a few days late), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are taking a week away from the current story arc to catch up on scheduling and some issues with the JCU site.  So the timing was ideal (especially since it gave most folks time to go see the movie) to air a special they recorded with Mrs. JediCole on the subject of "Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice"!

Presented as a crossover between this show and the long out of production "Whadjathink?", Mrs. JediCole joins the critical review and discussion of the Zach Snyder epic.  The good, the bad, the just a little to Snyder-y, it's all here.

Find out what three seasoned JCU podcasters thought of the first universe-building chapter of Warner Brothers' overdue attempt to cash in on what Disney and Marvel have been raking in the dough in Uncle Scrooge-like proportions for years.  Was it all as bad as the professional critics would have led us to believe?  Was it just kind of bad?  Was there anything redeeming in this picture?  Was it actually kind of good?  

These and other questions are answered as your hosts tackle ups and downs of this blockbuster that are so prevalent as to seem like a Superman tall building hurdle race!  This is a spoiler-rich episode for the handful of people who have not seen the movie.  You have been warned! 


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