The Rantcor Pit Live #44 - The Rantcor Pit Awakens

Originally aired live December 20, 2015.


Fresh off of their initial screenings of The Force Awakens, Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina begin their spoiler-rich discussions of the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. 

Unable to contain themselves, your hosts spoke freely of pretty much anything and everything about the movie, so if you have not yet had an opportunity to see this film, you may want to wait to watch this episode another day.  Personal thoughts and observations are shared, there is a special announcement from Supreme Commander Snoke, and pre-release myths and theories are post-release busted!

Initially intended as a discussion between Cole and Eddie, the Rantcorps really jumped on this one and for the first time in the history of the live show, the phone was ringing off the hook!  Expect further commentary and insight from various callers, plus Eddie gets a Christmas surprise!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #163 - Super Secret Santas

Christmas morning has arrived and with it a special gift from the JediCole Universe and Hey Kids, Comics!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston wish everyone a merry Christmas with the ultimate holiday episode.  Special guest Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston not only joins the fun but sets the stage for an exploration of what exactly do you get super-heroes and villains as Christmas presents?

Superman, Daredevil, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man Swamp Thing, and myriad other heroes and villains have their ideal gift choices examined.  If you think your family is hard to shop for at the holidays is tough, imagine trying to come up with an ideal present for the Joker!  Should you be called upon to be the secret Santa for an Avenger or JLA member, you will thank HKC! for this special Christmas issue!

Remember, pets do not usually make good Christmas gifts.

Hey Kids, Comics! #162 - Ctrl H Kenny Loggins: Supercomicsportsballs II

Well it was a very long time coming!  The long awaited sequel to "Play Ball!" (HKC! #48, over 100 issues ago) has arrived!

Way back in June of 2013 Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston welcomed Eddie Medina to talk about baseball games played out between members of various super-hero teams.  Other sports naturally wound up in the mix.  From the end of that recording all involved knew that this was a topic in need of further exploration.

Now it has happened!  Cole, Andrew, and Eddie are joined this time by Jason Adams for a romp in unfamiliar territory (for them), sports!  From sports as depicted in comics to sports-related comic book ads and beyond.  NFL Super Pro naturally gets tremendous coverage as well.

The Rantcor Pit Live #43 - Star Wars Generations

The Rantcor Pit Live was originally aired on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

As the release of "The Force Awakens" was still approaching, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina explore the generations that have enjoyed Star Wars over the course of nearly four decades.

From those who stood in line in the 70s and 80s for the original trilogy to those who discovered the Saga on VHS tapes to the Special Edition generation, the prequel trilogy generation and beyond, there are so many jumping off points for Star Wars fans of every age.  To examine this your hosts are joined by father and son Skip and Dean Howard.

At the youthful age of eight, Dean brings an amazing perspective to "the Star Wars".  With insights, stories, and jokes, the live show's youngest guest ever really held his own.  Everyone had a blast talking up their favorite LucasFilm offerings and anticipate the arrival of the latest chapter in the Saga!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #161 - Under the Tree

Hey Kids, Christmas!

Yes!  It is Christmas wishlist time again!  The comic fan in your life may be hard to shop for, but Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are here to help.

Hard pressed to figure out what to buy?  Need some tips and pointers?  A guide to what you will find in local comic shops?  

Hey Kids, Comics! presents our annual guide to some great comic book related toys, trade paperbacks, and other gifts.  

So check out the suggestions today to make a very Merry Christmas for the fan in your life.  And be the hero of gift giving this year!

Hey Kids, Comics! #160 - Toylandia: WTF (Weird Toy Forum)

You Are Now Leaving Toylandia

Welcome to the final chapter of the Toylandia story arc!  What an arc it has been!  Mego toys, Marvel and DC action figure lines, and the storied history of Superman as the "Man of Plastic"!  

This week it is time to get down and funky with the strangest, most bizarre comic book themed toys you will ever find.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined this week by special guest Jordan Waag.  Join this intrepid trio as they brave the Aisle of Misfit Toys yet again.

Beyond the awful big-ass Marvel figures of yesteryear are some crazy choices when it comes to marketing toys that persist to this very day!  Naturally in addition to the mainstream, Hey Kids Comics will "Bring on the Bootlegs!" with a variety of knockoff and unlicensed toys in the mix.

As an added bonus, Jordan offers an introduction of the technology of the home 3D printer with modeling tips and buying suggestions for those keen on conjuring up their own creations!  All of this leading in to next week's big Christmas wish list issue!

The Rantcor Pit #44 - The First Time Ever I Saw Star Wars Part 1: A Long Time Ago

Welcome back to "the Pit"!  After a hiatus for the holidays, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are back in action and ready to talk some Star Wars!
This outing it is all about the how fans got their introduction to the Star Wars Saga.  For some it was in the theater back in 1977, for others their entree into that Galaxy Far, Far Away was in the form of VHS tapes.  Generations have now shared in the experience in vastly different ways.

Cole and Eddie are joined this week by two fellow fans who had vastly differing origins for their introductions to Star Wars.  David Bunds, a high school friend of Cole's recalls many a vivid memory from the late 70s forward.  Midnight Movie Cowboys co-host Hunter Duesing brings his unique false start to the table as he conjures up quite a tale of discovering a love for the Saga.

This episode is a prelude to the 45th edition of this show which will feature a variety of guests of all ages exploring this same topic.  Every generation has a story.  We hope to share as many as possible.

Bonus:  Hearken back to 1977 with these great Star Wars television commercials! 

Hey Kids, Comics! #159 - Toylandia: Rise of the Indys

Welcome to the penultimate issue of the latest story arc, "Toylandia"!  After tackling everything from Superman to Marvel/DC toy rivalry to Mego's amazing toys, this arc has taken your hosts a lot of different places.  And now they will go where no toy was ever expected to go, the independent comic book!

In the 90s something unique happened.  Independent comic book characters became commercially viable beyond the pages of their requisite books.  Obvious choices like Spawn would be joined on the toy and comic shop pegs by toys based on such titles as Usagi Yojimbo, Strangers in Paradise, and Scud, The Disposable Assassin over the last few decades.  

The success of cartoons based on once obscure indys, most notably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, opened the door for a broader interest in comic book characters that were not world famous.  What began solely in the direct market would grow to expand into the mainstream toy store market.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss the steady evolution of the indy comic toy from the "hot chick" title characters to fully realized versions of characters from dozens of small press publishers.

Hey Kids, Comics! #158 - Toylandia: JLA/Avengers and Company

I would like to apologize to our listeners for this episode running five days late.  The holidays have already begun to exert themselves and all things JCU are moving at a slower than normal pace as a result.  With that said, I am proud to bring you the middle issue of the latest story arc of Hey Kids, Comics! - JediCole

Toylandia awaits!  Yes, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston again return to the toy aisles of yesteryear with even more discussions on comic book related toys.

This time it is all about the favorite toys from over the years that were based on the comics of DC and Marvel.  From the long-running Marvel Legends to the amazing Kenner Super Powers lines to the more obscure and often laughable toys that have seen the light of day, there was plenty to cover and not nearly enough time.

What action figures are the most innovative?  Which captured the characters the best?  Which had ridiculous gimmicks that thankfully went by the way side?  These and other unasked questions will be answered in the latest issue of this toybox of a story arc!

The Rantcor Pit Live #42 - A Star War on Christmas

Welcome to the second annual Star Wars Christmas Wish List episode of The Rantcor Pit Live!  On this episode (which went live on Sunday, November 15, 2015) Cole Houston and Eddie Medina help you with your holiday wish-list for the Star Wars fan in your life.
Even more so than last year, 2015 will be chock full of choices, so narrowing the field to a few to cover in one hour was more challenging.  A total of ten top choices are covered on the show, so if you missed it on Sunday, here is your chance to catch up on some top choices from your hosts.

May the Force be with you with the great gift ideas you will find here...

The Rantcor Pit Live 11-15-15 by DeepEllumOnAir

And for the Eddi-fication of my clueless co-host, an animated classic...

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