JCU Sunday Funnies #114

Returns Sunday, June 26, 2016!

Bobby Blakey, master of martial and cartooning arts, has been busily plying his fighting skills while juggling the publication of his amazing comic book series Keepers of the Dawn.  As a result, JCU Sunday Funnies has taken a brief hiatus that will conclude this Sunday! - JediCole

Hey Kids, Comics! #184 - The Doctor Is In or (Under a Banana Flavored Sun)

There are doctors and there are doctors.  In comics there are even "doctors".  As any comic fan knows, there is always a doctor in the house when it comes to the heroes and villains that people your favorite comic titles.

Demonicus, Regulus, Weird, Alchemy, and Octopus!  Oh my!
Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston make the rounds with more doctors than your local hospital.  From the obvious players like good ol' Doc' Ock' to the more obscure like Howard the Duck's own Doctor Bong.  (As in the sound of a bell, not THAT kind of bong!)  From real doctors who become super-heroes and villains to those who add a level of cool to their sobriquet by virtue of a tack-on title, there were plenty of characters from which to choose.

Andrew's Favorite Mystics
Scientists, M.D.s, professors, and more have gone into heroism or villainy without utilizing the title they spent so much time in the halls of academia to achieve while others just couldn't drop the doctorate.  Others favored Doctor over "Mister" or "Count" or "Master of" in their name.  With such a volume of doctors to choose from, the field had to be narrowed, but nearly all get at least a mention.

Doing their "doctor thing" to varied effect.
Find out which comic book doctors your hosts like best.  Learn about the hero/villain doctor community.  Discover which well known master of the monologue would make a great patient for a certain super-hero psychoanalyst, what villains sought doctoral degrees, and why Dr. Strange turned his back on medicine.  No, really.

So make an appointment now to see the doctors because all of them are really "in"!

Oh yeah, you thought of this, too!

The Rantcor Pit #49 - Mythic Proportions: The Lightsaber Excalibur

The legend (or legends) continue!  On the last regular episode of The Rantcor Pit, hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina finalize the two-part exploration of the mythological elements that can be found within the Star Wars Saga.

Special guest Kelly "Kelly of the Lake" Long returns to the show to add her special brand of knowledge of the Classics to the proceedings.  Episode 7 becomes the focal point of a look at that film through the lens of the folkloric King Arthur Cycle.

The legendary greatest king of England's own rich history lends itself nicely to analogues that occur in The Force Awakens, even if solely by accident.  Such is the nature of the mythology of contemporary society.  What parallels await?  Listen and discover for yourself, friends!  

Hey Kids, Comics! #183 - Fail Hydra!

While Hey Kids, Comics! is not exactly the source for breaking comics news, next week's upcoming issues of interest, or the next big scoop in the industry, every now and then something comes along that needs coverage right away, in the moment.  Such is the case with the "Captain America was a Hydra agent all along!!!" revelation.

"I love it when a plan comes together...75 years later!"
Hosts Andrew Farmer and (especially) Cole Houston share thoughts, insights, and even disdain in an issue-length discussion of Steve Rogers:  Captain America.  Flash in the pan cash grab or a genuine universe-shattering event?  The latest internet sweetheart of comics has spawned many a click-bait article and Facebook meme, so the HKC! boys felt it needed to be examined for substance.

Love or hate this new twist on Marvel's oldest and most famous hero, you are bound to find this one of the most engaging episodes of the show in its history.  JediCole's in depth justification for Hydra's master stroke alone is worth the price of admission!

"It'll be SO worth it!"

The Rantcor Pit "Yo Joe!" Toy Show Extravaganza Special

Better late than never!  

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina recorded a podcast at the DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show in Grapevine, TX.  

Eddie was selling his art at the show, which provided space for a live recording of the podcast you are about to hear.  He and Cole were joined by his wife Colleen (of "Figments") along with special guests Jeff McGee and Taylor Lymbery of "Talking Toys With Taylor and Jeff".  

And talk toys they did!  

Hey Kids, Comics! #182 - Summer Fun 2016: This Answers Everything

After a rather heavy story arc, it is time for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to join the masses of comic fans on the internet who are just lookin' for answers...
When the need for answers to the burning questions "who would win in a fight between?", "which super hero is the smartest?", or even "which publisher is better, DC or Marvel?" it seems many turn to Yahoo! Answers!  This modern Oracle of Delphi acts as a beacon of (potential) truth to the weary traveler on the road to understanding comics.

And so it came to pass that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston arrived to glean from this publicly sourced font of knowledge to find inspiration for week's issue of the show.  

Enjoy a carefully selected blend of comic book related questions posed to the denizens of the internet via Yahoo and discover what Andy and Cole have to say in response as well as a sampling of the actual answers that each query received.

Hey Kids, Comics! #181 - Comic Book Capers: The Curious Case of Anthony Chiofalo

Welcome to the end of Comic Book Capers!  In this final chapter your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at one of the oddest criminal cases that you could possibly imagine.

What begins as an embezzlement scheme descends into madness, obsession...and comics!  

This is the story of Anthony Chiofalo, his crimes, and his strange approach to spending his ill-gotten gains.  This includes some of the rarest and most expensive comics known.  But his story is just part of the the larger story of embezzled funds, inexplicable laundering, delusion, and temptation.

This is a story within a story full of mystery and crime that you simply do not want to miss!  Bid farewell to the latest story arc in the best way possible with the odd tale that inspired all four issues that preceded this one. 

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