Hey Kids, Comics! #7 - Star Wars Colebration: A Case Study in JediCole Houston

"You just watch yourself.  We're wanted men!" - Dr. Evezan (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

Welcome to a special, unique, and a bit off the beaten trail issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  As a change of pace Andrew takes on the sole hosting role and turns the tables on his co-host and producer.  Cole "JediCole" Houston is the special guest of this special post-Star Wars Celebration VI extravaganza!

Learn more than you ever thought you would about half of the HKC team.  What makes JediCole...well, JediCole?  Andrew has been party to a lot of the tales told in this episode and they are finally being shared with our listeners.  Get to know JediCole a little better with this very special interview with an unabashed fanboy!

Hey Kids, Comics! #6.2 – Fails to Astonish! Part 2

“I can’t afford modern toys.” – Tommy Lee Jones as Eddie Mallard (Gotham)

As if Andy and Cole, along with their guest Rick Gutierrez, had not dredged up enough of the scum of the toy industry in the last issue, the second part of Hey Kids, Comics! #6 scrapes the bottom of the barrel for even more!  How do you top such toy travesties as Kalibak’s Boulder Bomber or Ninja Iceman?  The answer is simple – look beyond the obvious comic book favorites to toys based on characters that have enjoyed a place in comics as well as in cartoons.

In this issue your trio of toy terror delve into the worst aspects of Playmates’ prolific Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hasbro’s G.I. Joe lines.  Join us as we talk up the fearful asymmetry of those “Heroes on the Half-Shell” and the unthinkable martial mayhem of the “Real American Heroes”.  The shudder-inducing toys found within these lines were pulled from the depths of the past to be revealed anew.  Tune in and find out exactly which G.I. Joe figure is considered the lowest of the low!  To know how bad that line got really isn’t even half the battle!

Did you like what you heard on this episode?  Did you hate it?  Join the JediCole Universe Forums and share your thoughts with other fans.  It’s fast and free to register and a great place to discuss this and other cool aspects of fandom.

Horn Solo is Going to Celebration! (JediCole is Too!)

As of this moment I am far less than 24 hours away from heading to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration VI!  And Horn Solo is along for the ride!

Mrs. JediCole and I will be attending our very first Celebration (yes, I had to miss out on the first five) where we will be helping to sell the Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook's latest editions!  Look for us each evening at Booth  1224 (the best chance you will have to cross paths with me with certainty) or at many of the Collecting Panels.  You can even meet the book's author Geoffrey T. Carlton in person!  And one day you might even see me sporting Jedi robes borrowed from VaderCast's Tim Kennedy for the trip.

So if you happen to be attending Celebration this weekend please look for me and ask for one of my limited edition JediCole Universe trading cards (while supplies last) and check out the amazing Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook!  Preorder purchases are being taken for the latest edition (Book 7) which features only Star Wars toys!  The edition with everything else (Book 6) will be available for sale at the booth along with the brand new Star Wars Database for Android or the Star Wars Collector's Catalog for Windows.

Star Wars Super-Collector's Merchandise
Available at Booth 1224

Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook - Merchandise Edition - $34.95
(464 glossy pages with 12,400 COLOR photographs)
Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook  Toys Edition - $45.10
(449 glossy pages with 8,600 color photographs)
(Price includes Priority Mail postage to U.S. address.  Estimated ship date is August 31, 2012.)
Star Wars Database for Android - $25.00
(Over 79,000 entries and 54,000 images.  Works on any Android tablet or smart phones.  Wifi or cellular connection required for images.  Images via cellular utilize data plans.  Updated twice a month.  Includes lifetime updates.
Star Wars Collector's Catalog for Windows - $35.00
(Over 79,000 entries and 54,000 images using a graphical interface.  Updated twice a month.  Includes lifetime updates and a 1 year subscription for photos. 
Star Wars Collector's Catalog - Photo Subscription Addional 1 Year - $10.00
Extends online photo supbsricption to 2 years.  Online price: $24.00
Art/Poster Tubes - $4.70
Holds rolled art up to 24" in width.  Includes rigid plastic end caps.

NOTE: All above are subject to 6.5% Florida Sales Tax

But just who is Horn Solo?

Why the Build-a-Bear longhorn steer dressed as Han Solo which was originally to be the mascot for an effort to bring Celebration to Texas.  Alas the Orange County Convention Center could house any two Texas venues (everything is NOT bigger in Texas after all), so the project was scrapped.  But Horn Solo is now going on his first road trip and you may see him there with us.

Hey Kids, Comics! #6.1 – Fails to Astonish! Part 1

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?!” – The Joker (Batman)

As a bit of a palette cleanser after five issues that dove head first into some of comicdom’s weightiest issues, Andrew and Cole are digging around in the collective toy box this issue to shed some light on the comic-related toy Hall of Shame! 

Special guest Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom joins your hosts as they discuss some of the worst action figures and toys to be foisted on a collectible hungry fandom.  In fact there proved to be so many awful toys that this issue is now a two-parter (hence the #6.1 designation).  This week the absolute worst of the various Marvel and DC Comics toy lines are discussed.

From the “Fry Guy” of the Toy Biz X-Men line to the most improbable Superman conveyance ever conceived, this toy-loving trio dish out the dirt on some comic book toys that should never have made it past the planning stages!


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Hey Kids, Comics! #5 – Holding Up a Mirror to Reality

“Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?” – Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Welcome to the conclusion of Comic Shop Confidential, the first story arc of Hey Kids, Comics!  How do you follow rabid fandom, sexuality, female roles, and religion and their roles in comic books?  Well  you simply jump into the hairy middle of a whole pile of social issues! 

Marvel Comics was certainly in the vanguard of infusing real world problems into the lives of their fictional characters, Tony Stark’s personal demons being the most pronounced.  But over the years comic books have introduced such weighty issues as drug abuse, racism, and gun control.  As this first story arc draws to a close the conversation turns to these and other aspects of society on a whole that have become increasingly common themes explored in a variety of comic books.

Andrew Farmer and Cole “JediCole” Houston are your hosts in this lively, thoughtful discussion on the serious side of comics.

Collector Sector for July 24th - July 30th

Why do those damn dogs keep barking ?? Shut up !!! Oh wait, I have to be proffesional - hold on. Welcome to the Collector Sector, now in it's new home here at the JediCole Universe. While it is still the same cretins doing the show, we have just shifted house - WHY WON'T THOSE DOGS SHUT UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!.

Anyway, the usual stuff applies, get your fix here of all things Comics, Collectibles, Dvd releases and how to murder your next door neighbors dog and get away with it- wait, scrap that last bit.

Stay Chippy

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Hey Kids, Comics! #4 – Faith in Four Colors

“There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that!” – Captain America (The Avengers)
Continuing the contentious journey that has become known as Comic Shop Confidential, Andrew Farmer is yet again joined on his quest by Cole “JediCole” Houston.  In this exciting issue the daring duo take on religion in comics.  While often overlooked, the religious beliefs of comic characters are explored at times.  From high profile examples like Daredevil to more subtle and surprising incarnations, faith has long had a place in the pages of our favorite comics.

Join us now as we examine the role of religion as theme or character background in the comics of various publishers.  From the passing mention to controversial in-your-face depictions, the myriad mysteries of religion are discussed at length.

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