The Rantcor Pit 6: The Force Will Be With You...Always

Welcome to the last feature of 2013.  The JediCole Universe is proud to present...
Hot on the heels of our all-stuff-bad-about-Star-Wars episode we are pleased to bring you the counterpoint to that show.  With this episode Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina discuss, indeed gush about, all of the ways that Star Wars hit its mark.  Repeatedly!

More often than not the original trilogy brought so much good to the big screen and even the prequels had something to offer.  Your hosts dig deep into their memories of Star Wars to bring up the best aspects of the Saga from high concepts to just really cool scenes.  It is little wonder that a poorly regarded little low-budget movie became a part of the cultural landscape worldwide when all of the things George Lucas did right are taken into account.

We ran a little late on this week's episode again due to the constraints of our Earthly holidays.  We will be back on our bi-weekly schedule beginning with our next episode on January 10, 2014.

The Rantcor Pit and all of your other JCU favorites will be back in 2014!

JCU Sunday Funnies #38

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Hey Kids, Comics Back Issue Bin (#0-72, Annual #1)

Hello and welcome to another Back Issue Bin for Hey Kids, Comics!  Andrew and Cole are taking a week off after entertaining and enlightening comic book fans so we can ring in the holidays.  To fill in this week they thought it might be a time to let long time listeners and newcomers catch up on 72 issues (and one annual) of the show!   As you can see from the show titles, we have covered a lot of very diverse ground in just over a year of this weekly show with only a few skip weeks in our history!

Discover for the first time or relive the history of Andy's labor of love with one of the most engaging podcasts on the subject of comic books that can be found anywhere on the internet...

The Back Issue Bin

As you rifle through the myriad back issues know that we will be back in 2014 with even more surprises!  

JCU Sunday Funnies #37

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

The Rantcor Pit 5: Force Fails

It is a week and nearly a day late, but as promised here is the latest edition of The Rantcor Pit!  We think you will find the subject matter is most befitting of the break in scheduling and the fact that timing did not permit any leeway for editing the show.  This episode is presented effectively as it was recorded.  The holidays (Wookie Life Day not withstanding) are really throwing things off!

Even if you like the Star Wars, you don't always like everything about the Star Wars!

For even the most hardcore fan there are times when Star Wars just does not deliver.  From the myriad nit-picking-worthy aspects of the prequel trilogy to the Expanded Universe, there are many places where the magic of the Saga lost some luster.

Your hosts Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina join forces to root out everything Star Wars that comes from points as far from the bright center of the universe as might be possible to find.  Be it unnecessary nods to other films or plain bad characters on screen and in literature, there is much to find fault with when it comes to George Lucas' baby.  And yet we can't always content ourselves to pointing out the bad stuff as you will discover...

Hey Kids, Comics! #72 - I Want to Talk 'Bout the Animals

Welcome to a new issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which we get wild!  And we get domestic, too.  In other words, as the title of this week's show suggests, we talk about animals in comics.  From the mundane to the super-powered, the amazing fauna of comic books.

A veritable legion of pets (super and otherwise), companion animals, and incidental creatures are discussed.  Andrew and Cole even reveal their all-time favorites!  So settle down with your favorite animal and join in on the unique fun of an issue of the show that we did not think would fill an hour.  We should have known better!

JCU Sunday Funnies #36

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

The Rantcor Pit Holiday Announcement

Preparations for Wookie Life Day and our own holidays here on Earth have really thrown off our schedule here at the JCU and most specifically with The Rantcor Pit

As a result we have had to postpone this week's episode until next Friday.  The good news is that there will be two back-to-back episodes of your favorite new Star Wars podcast over the next two weeks.  Tune in on Friday, December 20 and Friday December 27 for the next two episodes!

Remember, the Force will be with you, just not this week...

Hey Kids, Comics! #71 - A Big Meal and Then a Nap

At the end of a story arc exhaustion can tend to set in 'round Hey Kids, Comics! way.  Other times we just work up a mean appetite that won’t be sated.  Either way the conclusion of this arc is upon us and we prepare to bid adieu to the mortal sins of man with an examination of sloth and gluttony.  Are you prepared to dig into this smorgasbord of comics or do you just want to settle into the Comfy Chair and enjoy yourself while your hosts do all the work?

What Would Matter-Eater Lad Eat?
Regardless of your approach, Andrew “Just Five More Minutes!  Better Make it Ten!” Farmer and Cole “Pass the Biscuits and Gravy” Houston take a long look at  the remaining Deadly Sins.  This issue rounds out a story arc that would make the wizard Shazam proud of us indeed.  So exactly how do these two sins of excess, at opposite ends of the spectrum, play out in comic books?  Find out as we digest gluttony and sleep off sloth.

As a special surprise, You Are Here artist Bobby "Eat or Sleep?  I Can't Decide!" Blakey joins the fun with a different take on Professor X, among other great insights.

JCU Sunday Funnies #35

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

Hey Kids, Comics! #70 - Seven Deadlies: Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty

To quote the Dauphin in Henry V, “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.”  While acknowledging pride as a sin, France’s ambitious prince feels it to be the lesser of two evils.  This is all well and good for Shakespeare, but what are we to do?

Explore pride in comics, of course.  Seven Deadlies continues in this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! that Andrew “I’m the King of the World!”  Farmer and Cole “I’m the King of the Universe, So There!” Houston could not be more smug about presenting.  Who are the most vain and prideful characters in comics?  What role has pride played in the successes and failures of such characters?  We shamelessly display a total lack of humility in staking our pride on this being the best possible examination of those and other related topics.

Whadjathink? - Dallas Buyers Club

Cost of Living

Welcome to another edition of the movie podcast modeled on the drive home from the theater.  Your hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey join forces to discuss the new Mathew McConaghey real-life drama, Dallas Buyers Club.  

Cole "JediCole" Houston joins in on the conversation that is, like all episodes of Whadjathink?, spoiler-rich.  If you've seen this amazing movie then give a listen to the thoughts and feelings that three seasoned movie-goers had after seeing it themselves.


JCU Sunday Funnies #34

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

The Rantcor Pit 4: Mickey and George

Take a break from the madness of "Black Friday" with the latest episode of the JCU's Star Wars podcast!  It's been two weeks so it is time yet again for Cole and Eddie to examine yet another aspect of fandom and George Lucas' famous creation.

While it has been over a year ago, the impact of the sale of LucasFilm, Ltd. (and all that entails) to Disney can still be felt in the fan community.  With Episode VII of the saga looming large and the upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels on the horizon, it seemed only fitting to devote the fourth show to the topic of the new ownership of the franchise.

Love it or hate it, the acquisition is a done deal and Disney is moving full steam ahead on the future of Star Wars.  Give a listen to what your Rantcor Pit hosts have to say on the whole issue and discover the Marvel Comics connection. 

Hey Kids, Comics! #69 - Seven Deadlies: You've Got What I Want

The in-depth exploration of the Seven Deadly Sins continues in this rather shameless issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  With seven categories of mortal vice and only five issues in the arc it is necessary to double up a bit and this is the first such episode.  Exploring two sins that seem complimentary, lust and envy, is the order of the day this outing.

Andrew “Hellllllo, Nurse!” Farmer and Cole “Me Too!” Houston try to get everything they have coming to them in this sinful examination of…sin!  Envy certainly plays a major role in comic books, most especially in the villain community.  Lust is a little harder to pin down at times but it is certainly a very present sin as well.  Myriad are the examples that will be cited in this journey through man’s failings as they pertain to our favorite comic books.

JCU Sunday Funnies #33

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

Whadjathink? - Thor: The Dark World

If I Had a Hammer

It is yet again time for Whadjathink? and this time the Asgardian epic Thor: The Dark World is the subject!  Your intrepid hosts Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey step into elf-ridden territory as they discuss the latest Marvel movie.

Joining this pair is a friend of the JCU, Diane Tran, who brings her own geeky take on Thor to the table.  As always, this is a spoiler rich show so you may not want to listen until you've seen this movie.  But since we ran a little late this time, you've had plenty of time to get your ass to the theater!


Hey Kids, Comics! #68 - Seven Deadlies: Enough is Never Enough

Greed is the order of the day in this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! and our ongoing exploration of the vilest sins of man.  That is to say such sins as they pertain to the lives of comic book characters and manifest themselves in comics.  To say that greed plays a large role in the realm of the super-hero comic is something of an understatement! 

Join your hosts Andrew “Gimmie!  Gimmie” Farmer and Cole “Ultra Uncle Scrooge” Houston as they dig deep into the dark corners of the miser’s heart and…  Actually they will take you on a journey into greed as it manifests itself in comic books.  From the money hungry to those who want more (and more and more), you can always find some greed and selfishness within in the printed pages.  And sometimes outside of them as well.

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JCU Sunday Funnies #32

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material every week right here!

Please welcome the newest contributor to Open Season, Eddie Medina!  You may know Eddie as co-host of The Rantcor Pit, but you may not have known he is a talented artist as well!  

The Rantcor Pit 3: The Wonder Years

We sure do here at The Rantcor Pit and that is why we keep coming back every other week to share our memories, insights, stories, and news about all things Star Wars.  As you may have discovered by now, this show is going to be a mixed bag of topics about the star-spanning Saga that represents the modern mythology.

This episode Cole and Eddie take on the daunting task of conjuring memories of the "wonder years", which is to say those long three year gaps between Star Wars (aka A New Hope) and The Empire Strikes Back and the more speculation-ridden years between Empire and Revenge of the Jedi.  So called because fans spent those years wondering what was coming next, especially once we knew something more was coming.  

Of course Revenge became Return by the time the film saw theatrical release (the reason for the change is discussed on the show) but the wait was no less painful.  How did we cope back before the internet?  With Starlog and Famous Monsters magazines and, for subscribers, Bantha Tracks (the Star Wars Fan Club's newsletter back then) as our primary sources of information it was tenuous at best to track down clues and spoilers.  

Take a trip back in time to 1977-1980 and 1980-1983 as we reflect on those years where wondering kept us going as we awaited the second and third chapters of the nine episode Star Wars saga!

Listen to the episode to find out what this is all about...

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Hey Kids, Comics! #67 - Seven Deadlies: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Welcome to a very special new story arc for Hey Kids, Comics! in which the classic Seven Deadly Sins are the focus.  What role do the mortal sins play in the realm of comics?  That is the focus of this arc and we kick things off with perhaps the deadliest, wrath.

Andrew “Mr. Miffed” Farmer and Cole “The Temperamental One” Houston rage against the rage in the opening volley of a new arc that is bound to be all the rage!  From the obvious angries like Hulk to characters who’s anger stews into a palatable mass of and resentment and fury.  But who could we be hinting at there?  At the risk of raising your ire we are going to make you wait and find out for yourself!


BS with SB (Volume One)

From half a world away JediCole's best mate in Australia shares in a lively discussion that starts out with Thor: The Dark World and winds its way about a variety of movie and comic book topics.  And that is just the sort of thing you are going to come to expect with this new addition to the JediCole Podcasting Network!

BS with SB (or at least what became this show) was first pitched by Stuart Baulk of Midnight Movie Cowboys and it seemed a perfect fit for the JCU.  Essentially it is just a recorded conversation between friends who happen to have a wide variety of interests and some unique opinions on said interests.  And it was just a good excuse to work with Stu on a podcast project.

From the cinematic renditions of Thor to the state of the cinema itself both in the US and Australia, to Stu making me think about Watchmen (yes, Andrew, Watchmen) in a new way, our first outing of this new show promises to be a lot of fun.  

Bear in mind when tuning in that I did not reign myself or Stu in, so there may be some naughty words that some might not wish to hear ("Ow, my freakin' ears!").  Also there were some technical glitches in the recording that caused, among other things, a great story about some idiot in an Australian movie theater years ago using her cell phone during a movie to be lost.  Otherwise the show features little to no cutting so as to preserve the conversational nature of this new feature.

Apologies to Stu who had no idea I would be dredging up a photo of him from his American holidays c. 2011. - JediCole

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