Box Five: #201-250; Halloween Special #1; Summer Fun Supplement

It's time to fill another box with another 50 issue of the show plus any new Annuals, specials, or other related titles...

Be sure to catch the latest issue on The JediCole Universe each week, along with many other favorite features.

World Bizarre

Tick Marks

Cage Match

Creator Spotlight #6:  The Man,  The Stan.

Strange Days Indeed

Total Recall

Have Yourself a Merry Little Hey Kids, Comics!

The Seventy-Five Percenters

The Impracticals

Aisle of Toys

Psi-Fi:  Hooked on Psionics

Psi-Fi:  Mind Over Matter

Psi-Fi:  Heavy Hitters

Psi-Fi:  Countermeasures

Psi-Fi:  Godlike

Maybe They're Just Lookin' For Answers

Relatively Speaking


...And Where Are All the Gods?

Marsh Madness

That Moment When

Two of a Kind

Sole Survivors

Recommended Reading IV

Cat Tail

Expanding a Universe

The Woman of Themyscira

#228 Anger Management

#229 Theater of the Mind

#230 Period Pieces:  The Time Before Time

#231 Period Pieces:  Drawn Like an Egyptian

#232 Period Pieces:  When in Greco-Rome

#233 Period Pieces:  Get Medieval

#234 Period Pieces:  The Wild, Wild Best

#235 Independents Day

#236 The Writing on the Wall

#237 Summer Fun 2017

#238 This is NOT a Comic Book Show!

#239 Cine-Files:  The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing

#240 Cine-Files:  Movie Knights

#241 Cine-Files:  Assembly Required

#242 Cine-Files:  DCions, DCisions

#243 Cine-Files:  Straight Outta Comics

#244 Comics...The Final Frontier

#245 The Fully Bronty

#246 I Like Turtles (9/22/17)

 #HS 1 Chick or Treat

#SFS Exclusively Yours

More new issues will be added to the bins on a weekly basis until #250 is published!  Check back from time to time for more.

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