HKC - The Lost Week

Hey Fellow Kids,

It's become obvious that we took a break last week.  In light of All-Con (a deluge of posts and stories will follow shortly), and well...just life; we thought it prudent to take a week to regroup, and prepare for the next 25 issues of the show.  We are going to be ramping up hard to 200, with new story arcs, guests, and crazy non-linear thinking. 

We did want to take this time, as we tend to do this time of year, to thank you all for being supporters and listeners.  You make this little thing we do every week worth while.  You are all amazing dreamers, and lovers of art and wierd comedy.  You are amazing, each one of you.  Thank you.

That's it for now, see ya next week!

Hey Kids, Comics! #173 - If You Can't Take The Heat (Daredevil part 2)

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 173.

In Coles last show away for All-con, HKC heads into Hell’s Kitchen once more for Issue 173.  With Daredevil Season 2 preparing to stalk darkly on Netflix; Andrew is joined by show alum and media czar, Jason “Old Hollywood” Adams to rehash the finer points of the first season of The Man without Fear, as well as speculate on whats coming for us in the next 13 episodes. 

Jason and Andrew also discuss Batman v Superman casting, J.K. Simmons, J.J. Abrams and the Industrimedia complex. Jason postulates on a possible Kevin Smith conspiracy theory, and Andrew yells about the flash a little.

All this and more, in another action packed issue of HKC!  
The audio went a little nuts in the last 10 minutes, we recovered most of it...also I am a sinus monster...full disclosure 

Hey Kids, Comics! #172 - The "10s" Part Two

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 172.

We are back, dear listeners, to once again navigate the stegian void of linear story telling, with Hey Kids, Comics issue 172.  This week we tackle a myriad of topics in the second part of "The 10s".  Nic joins Andrew once again to ask Yes, And to a bushel of top ten topics, and fear not important questions are answered.  We wreck your paradigm with such pressing issues as "is the joker just really attracted to the batman", and "SugarMan?"

Cole is still in the war room for this one, but his influence is all over this issue.  Show your thanks for all his hard work by heading to All-Con this year, and getting involved.  He will return in short order to regale us with tales of entertainment and victory.

Again, this is a rated R show, so out the kids to bed (yeah it's 3 in the afternoon, but you know you want to), and buckle in for part two of THE 10s!

His name is Kevin Spacey 

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