This Week's "The Rantcor Pit Live" Has Been Postponed

Owing to technical difficulties at Deep Ellum on Air, this week's episode has been postponed.  Please tune in next Sunday with Eddie Medina going solo for our first episode in the new studio!  

Two weeks later Cole will be back and we will resume our normal schedule.

Hey Kids, Comics #140 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Daredevil (Part Two)

Hot on the heels of the final issue of Hey Kids, Comics! Live, we are proud to welcome Andrew Farmer back to his show and to produce an audio follow-up to last Saturday's video podcast that mused heavily about the Netflix series Daredevil!  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined by Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston with more discussions and observations about this breakaway element of the Marvel cinematic universe.  There was simply too much ground to cover, even jumping rooftop to rooftop, for a single hour of the live show to adequately contain.  So much so that this very issue was declared live in place of the originally planned topic for the show (which will still happen next week).  To say that Daredevil made an impact would be an understatement!   

Join this trio of instant fans of this instant-streaming epic for a SPOILER RICH second look Hey Kids, Comics! style.  Andrew finally gets to put his two cents worth in, Catherine asks the tough questions only a casual comic book fan can pose, and Cole says something rather poignant about a pivotal scene.  And if that was not enough, there's so much more in the course of yet another hour that proved inadequate to do justice to the ultimate incarnation of the Man Without Fear.

You've come a long way, baby!

The Rantcor Pit #36 - Somebody's Gotta Do It!

Are you ready for an unusual new edition of The Rantcor Pit?  In a departure from the norm.  In an unscripted and improvised fashion, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina tackle the "Dirty Jobs" that they feel have to exist in that galaxy far, far away.

From the unexpected duty of an unfortunate Jedi padawan to some of the worst occupations to be found at Jabba's Palace, this episode dares to get dirty.  And grimy.  And down right odd!  Find out what some of Boba Fett's costume elements really are, discover some jobs on Tattoine are all about, and discover one special duty unique to the legion of Imperial troops on the forest moon of Endor.  Plus find out about an unsung segment of Stormtroopers the 501st Legion may not want you to know about!

Somebody made a BIG mess!
Get ready to get your hands dirty and your image of Star Wars tainted forever as the REAL (expletive deleted) jobs you never saw on screen are discussed.  And disgusted!

Get the poop right here, right now!

Hey Kids, Comics! Live #10 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Daredevil

JediCole here.  After a nine month run of Hey Kids, Comics! Live on Deep Ellum on Air, I must inform those who have followed this spin-off series that the following will be the final issue of the live show.  Host and show creator Andrew Farmer has returned to Ohio, making it impossible to maintain a live version of his weekly show from the studio in Dallas, Texas.  Rather than try to turn this show into a different version of the weekly pre-recorded show, with a different or rotating cast, I felt it best to cancel the series and focus on the weekly audio version that has been running for years.  In deference to the amazing run of the live show, a decision was made to give it the best possible send-off rather than abruptly announce its end.  Absent Andrew, I give you the tenth and final issue of Hey Kids,Comics! Live. 

Welcome comic book and especially Netflix Daredevil fans to the last issue of the live version of Hey Kids, Comics!  The series may be over but the fun will continue on The JediCole Universe and Deep Ellum on Air none the less!  

To conclude the series with a bang, the television epic that was the first season of Daredevil seemed the ideal topic.  Co-host Cole Houston was joined in the studio by Catherine Houston and Clay Houston to engage in a conversation so epic it could not really be contained in the one hour at their disposal.

Daredevil was such a breakaway hit and binge-watching favorite that anticipation is already running rampant for the next season!  With dynamic characters and amazing actors, this was everything the modern super-hero genre needs to be outside of the printed page.  Check out what some instant Daredevil fans had to say about the production, cast, and various nods to the Marvel Universe...

Hey Kids Comics 2015-06-20 by DeepEllumOnAir

It's always best to date a medical professional when fighting crime "two fisted"!

Hey Kids, Comics! #139 - Beyond the Big Red Cheese

Behold the power of SHAZAM!  From the innocent and playful super-hero genre flagship character of Fawcett Publications to the modern powerhouse of the New 52 era, Captain Marvel (the original one), has had a role to play in comics since the early 40s!

This week's Hey Kids, Comics! is all about "the Big Red Cheese" (per Dr. Sivana) or Captain White Bread (per Guy Gardener), the mythic-themed super-hero commonly known as SHAZAM!  With his bold chest symbol, jaunty half-cape, and magical keyword, Captain Marvel has plenty of history that the hour of this show proved far too brief to cover.  Who would have thought an orphan boy who gets lured into an elderly man's subterranean lair would turn out to be such an amazing character?

Join host Cole "JediCole" Houston in an exploration of one of the most powerful yet often underrated characters in the DC Universe.  Andrew Farmer is out this week, but Cole is joined by two great guests, reviewer Eric Shirey and his son Everett Shirey!  Get the father and son take on this classic character, as well as some other characters inspired by "the Captain".

Drs. Sivana and Gargunza

The Rantcor Pit Live #30 - Figure it Out

Welcome to the latest edition of The Rantcor Pit Live, the only Dallas-based live Star Wars podcast (and home of the Moist Side of the Force).  

One of the biggest parts of Star Wars fandom from 1977 to the present day has been the action figure.  Introduced as a licensed product by Kenner Products in one of the riskiest and most brilliant marketing schemes, the original toy line met with a success that lasted nearly a decade.  A revival ten years after the demise of the original Star Wars line has been going strong ever since.

Cole Houston and Eddie Medina, both avid action figure collectors, talk the phenomenon of Star Wars action figures from their introduction of the 3.75" scale through the more contemporary "Black Series" 6" scale figures and beyond.  Joining them in the Deep Ellum on Air studio was Greg Brown, producer of the DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show coming up on Saturday, June 20, 2015!

The discussions covered the long history of the action figure lines but did veer off into G.I. Joe (natural, considering the guest) and even other favorite toy lines.  Be sure to check out this episode to discover the origin of #EwokStalker and get in on #IceCreamSoldierHunter should you be attending the convention this weekend.

Language Advisory:  There is a bit of adult language early in the episode.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle!

The Rantcor Pit 2015-06-14 by DeepEllumOnAir

Do It Yourself 7: Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Yes indeed, Vegabomber and Joose are back again with another edition of Do It Yourself, the movie show that fixes up some of our favorite movies!  This time your DIY team sets their sights on a real clunker, Star Wars Episode 1:  The Phantom Menace!

Almost universally Star Wars fans found fault after fault in the return to that galaxy far, far away.  From ponderous politics to characters more at home in a cartoon than an epic feature film franchise to a lackluster origin of a major cinematic villain, there are more things wrong than right with this film.  Especially if you ask the hosts of this show!

But this intrepid team again comes to your rescue with a the good, the bad, and the really bad on screen and what they would have done differently were they in the director's chair.  So if you have ever lamented Episode 1 (and frankly who has not to some degree), you should give this latest episode a listen.

Hey Kids, Comics! #138 - I'm Waiting to Be Impressed: The 2015 SDCC Exclusives Rant

Has it been a year since Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston had their last rant about San Diego Comic Con and the exclusivity of collectibles?  Yes, yes it has!

It is time again to talk up the myriad exclusives that many a license holder are bringing to bear at SDCC.  As a catharsis of being unable to attend comics' biggest show, your hosts vent their rage about exclusive collectibles, the magnitude of the convention, and a little something about Marvel Comics.  

This year's spate of goodies has some gems, but mostly seems to be stones - something that begs question after question in its own right.  None the less there was plenty to talk about in this annual traditional issue of the show.

This just in!  The day after this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! was recorded, Hasbro announced their Marvel Comics exclusive (in the Marvel Legends scale), something seemingly lacking in this years corral of exclusives.  We present the Doctor Strange boxed set with the astral form of Strange, the Norse death goddess Hela, Brother Voodoo, Magik, and Dormommu!  Plus it is designed to mimic a magical tome and features a wearable Eye of Agamotto!

The Rantcor Pit Live #29 - Conventions, Comics, and Toys! Oh My!

Welcome to the latest edition of The Rantcor Pit Live!  If you missed the original broadcast on Deep Ellum on Air (Sunday, May 31, 2015), consider this your second chance to check it out!

Eddie Medina was busily selling his art at the Fan Expo in Dallas the day of the show, so Cole Houston took on solo hosting duties again.  For this episode he was joined by the promoters of two upcoming fan-themed Texas conventions.  Allen of Texas Comic Fest (where the JCU will have a booth) and  Ben from Brazos Valley Comic Con join the fun in the studio to talk up theirs and other conventions. 

Conversations moved from conventions to comics to action figures and toys, so there was a lot of ground covered.  In Eddie's absence some big fans of Star Wars kept things lively with a look at the Marvel variant action figure-themed covers, classic vintage toys, and pretty much anything about that galaxy far, far away!

The Rantcor Pit LIVE 2015-05-31 by DeepEllumOnAir

The Disappearing Shows of The JediCole Universe

If you have tried to listen to Hey Kids, Comics!, The Rantcor Pit, Whadjathink?, Do It Yourself, FigmentsBS With SB, or other shows lately, most have been decidedly unavailable.  This has been brought to my attention and I am in the process of correcting that problem.

It seems that while all of the shows are still available on PodBean, the links to said shows via Blogger, have degraded.  As a result I am going individual post to individual post to determine the status and reestablish links where necessary.  So far I have all of 2015 to date caught up, but there is far to go as there multiple shows per month that have been affected.  

Please bear with me as I get the entire JCU catalog up and running anew.  This will take about a week.

Thank you,
Cole "JediCole" Houston

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