Hey Kids, Comics! #137 - More on Moore: When You Gaze Into the Abyss

Welcome to the final, and darkest, chapter of More on Moore.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston brave the unflinching look that Alan Moore often takes at the human, and super-human, condition.  Not only does the author expose readers to the dark underbelly of society, but that upon which the basest form of our nature rests upon, something equally terrible - if not worse. 

With special guest Diane Tran joining in, this issue will delve into the gritty back streets, the shadowed corners, and the dizzying depths of depravity which are all too often associated with Moore’s work.  Has he lost faith in humanity or simply bucks tradition and tells it like it is at all costs.  There was certainly plenty to explore, both amazing and shocking, when these three attempted to illuminate the Stygian catacombs within the mind of Alan Moore.

So prepare yourself, o listener!  You are about to embark on a meandering path of gloom, shadows, evil, and despair, and that is just Mr. Moore’s beard!  

Hey Kids, Comics! #136 - More on Moore: A Vast Wasteland

Newton N. Minow’s 1961 description of American commercial television certainly seems applicable to Alan Moore’s appraisal of Hollywood and the adaptation of his work to the big screen.  Moore’s work that has been thusly translated into another medium has reportedly done nothing but disappoint the temperamental author, most notably Zach Snyder’s Watchmen.  Moore went so far in this case as to have his name removed from the credits of the feature film!  And so it is natural that a chapter of the latest Hey Kids, Comics! story arc be devoted to the saga of “Alan Moore vs. Hollywood”!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined this week by Hunter Duesing of Midnight Movie Cowboys in a lively discussion of the successes and failures encountered when Moore’s work has been adapted to film.  From critical and fan opinions to the disdain that the famed comic creator has for other’s vision of his vision, many are the tales of Moore on film. 

Big screen renditions abound as your hosts and their guest discuss From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta.  You can expect that in some cases the opinions expressed may well be in keeping with those of Alan Moore himself, though there are aspects of these films that proved praise-worthy as well.  As with any transition from one medium to another, changes are required, both good and bad, and these will be explored in depth as the fate of Moore’s work when taken elsewhere is scrutinized by three film fanatics!

The Rantcor Pit Live #28 - Galactic Film Festival II

Your favorite Star Wars guys are back again and they've brought back the Galactic Film Festival!  Last September the first such collecting of fan films was produced and a follow up promised.  It took a bit longer than six months, but it has happened at last!

After a two month hiatus, Eddie Medina returns to the live show and he and Cole Houston share a new slate of favorite fan films.  With literally hundreds to choose from, it was difficult at best to narrow the field.  None the less, a select number of films were selected to be screened in part or in full.

Leading with Troops, the famous parody of the reality series Cops, this selection of titles takes a humorous turn with some of the funniest original and parody Star Wars fan films to be found.  So grab your popcorn (the hosts did, after all) and enjoy the show.  

Please silence your cell phones.  And Ewoks.

The Rantcor Pit LIVE Twin Sundance Film Fest II by DeepEllumOnAir

Find all of the films by clicking the following links:

Luke's Change
Star Wars: Retold
Troopers: Coffee Run
Ewok in an Elevator
Power of the Force Girls

Hey Kids, Comics! #135 - More on Moore: I am Legend

Alan Moore casts a long shadow on the comic world.  It is little wonder that he has become more than a legendary figure within the genre.  Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston will brave that legend as they seek to separate the facts and the fiction surrounding the creator of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Strong, V for Vendetta, and more!

With such a task at hand, critic and comic book scholar Matt "Starman" Morrison was the ideal choice as companion on the road ahead.  Untangling the legend of Alan Moore is a task akin to straightening the myriad tangles of his beard.  And yet these three have set themselves to this Herculean task for the benefit of Hey Kids, Comics! listeners.  

Prepare yourself for a journey into the mind and myth of one of the single most influential and creative talents of our time (in comics anyway).  This middle chapter of More on Moore will prove to be a fascinating and unusual exploration indeed!

The Rantcor Pit #35 - Celebrating Celebration Part 2

Two weeks ago Scott Horne from Yak's Pub joined hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina to share some of the antics from Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, California.  Much of that discussion included recurring JCU personality Bobby Blakey.  It seemed only fitting that we have our favorite cartoonist/film critic on the show to tell his side of the story.

So it was that Bobby shared more tales from the official Star Wars convention, Cole tried to inject some aspects of Mother's Day into the mix (as that was to have been the original air date of this episode), and Eddie discovered that there are depths to which this show can plunge when Bobby is in the mix!  

Get ready for more celebrating Celebration VII, some strange turns down the path of Star Wars character name pronunciations and Star Wars-themed porn, and even delicious Nutty Bars snack cakes!  You truly never know where things will take us on this show sometimes!

Hey Kids, Comics! Live #9 - Super Geek-Out! Special

Variant "Blank Cover" - Download and Add Your Own Art!
Welcome to the latest edition of Hey Kids, Comics! Live, a very special issue that draws together The JediCole Universe, Midnight Movie Cowboys, and The United States of Geekdom in a way that has not been seen in ages!

On Saturday, May 9, 2015 an opportunity presented itself that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston could not resist.  Their great friend and co-host of Midnight Movie Cowboys, Stuart Baulk, was visiting Texas all the way from Melbourne, Australia!  To sweeten the pot, his original co-host Hunter Duesing lives in Dallas and was able to join the fun on the show.  Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston naturally joined them in the studios of Deep Ellum on Air as a long-overdue Super Geek-Out was inevitable!  Even Rick Gutierrez managed to join the fun via phone from his vacation in California!

While not strictly a comic book-themed show, this issue of the live edition brought together many a seasoned podcaster along with multiple call-ins geeking out about all kinds of amazing things, mostly comic related.  And of course some great freebies from the Short Box!

Hey Kids, Comics! 2015-05-09 by DeepEllumOnAir

Hey Kids, Comics! #134 - More on Moore: Ego Ipse Custodes Custodio

Having cemented a reputation as a ground-breaking author of graphic fiction, Alan Moore’s star begins to shine “across the pond”.  Coming to America, Moore makes quite the splash with his take on the super-hero genre at precisely the moment that the comic medium was about to take a major turn.  Taking the wheel, this powerhouse creator brought forth the single most influential work of the first century of comics.

"Swamp Thing" goes dark under Moore.
But there was so much more than just Watchmen going on in print and in the fertile imagination of this creator.  Prior to his seminal work, a revival of the macabre title Swamp Thing redefined the character for all time and helped create what would become a new imprint for DC Comics.  With a penchant for the mysteries of the arcane, Alan Moore helped chart the mystical realms within the DC Universe through the masterful use of both existing, if retooled, characters as well as new creations, one of which would become his best known.  This even if many don’t realize that he was the creator of the man known as the “Hellblazer”!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston continue their exploration of the career and legend of Alan Moore, this time with Catherine “Mrs. JediCole” Houston joining the discussion.

The Rantcor Pit Live #27 - Toying Around

On Star Wars Day Eve, Sunday, May 3, 2015, Cole "JediCole" Houston was joined in the studio by three representatives of exactly the kind of retail store he'd always dreamed of but never thought possible.  A store devoted entirely to Star Wars!

Yes, it is true!  Order 66 Toys in McKinney, Texas is that very store, that impossible store!  Co-owners Jeff and Chuck and podcaster Joey made their way to Dallas to appear live in the studio to talk about how such a shop happened and share some of their stories and products.

From the rare Tri-Logo Yak Face action figure to a strand of Chewbacca's hair, there are some unique pieces to be found at Order 66.  Now they have so much more than just the ultra rarities, but the stories behind them made for fascinating discussions.  One standout was the Vlix figure from Kenner's "Droids" line.  

Check out the rest of these tales from the toy store here...

The Rantcor Pit LIVE 2015-05-03 by DeepEllumOnAir

The guys even signed the ad for Order 66 Toys in "Star Wars" #1 for Cole!

Skip eBay, Some Star Wars Celebration VII Exclusives Are Still Available!

Friend of the show (and my personal resource for many goodies from Celebration VII) Warren Jacobsen gave me the heads up on a limited number of Celebration VII Store exclusives that have become available at the original price paid at the convention!  And all of them qualify for FREE domestic shipping!  If you have not already, don't pay outrageous eBay asking prices (plus shiping) because if you wanted any of these and missed out, there is a "new hope"!

Reed Pop Supply Company is offering six popular Celebration VII exclusive items which are all available as of the posting of this announcement.  Here's what they have to offer, so be sure and check out their Star Wars Celebration Page as soon as possible so you don't miss out a second time!

Death Star Soccer Ball - $30.00 

Space Slug Jack-In-the-Box - $25.00

Admiral Ackbar Sushi Set - $35.00

Chewbacca the Sock Wookie - $25.00

Death Star Automobile Fuzzy Dice - $10.00

Talking Max Rebo Plush - $35.00

Hey Kids, Comics! #133 - More on Moore: The Works and Days

And so it begins!

As promised on Hey Kids, Comics! #130, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are going to take you on a journey into the life and history, the career and achievements, and the just plain oddities that define one of the greatest comic book creators of our day.  This would be none other than the legendary Alan Moore! 

Since this is no journey to be taken lightly, each issue of this story arc will feature one to two special guests.  This week your hosts are joined by local Dallas-area artist (and comic book scholar in his own right) Jefferson Harris.  Bringing his brainy game, Jefferson provides insight, humor, and even JediCole-style pop culture references to the discussion.  And what a discussion!

From Moore’s working class upbringing to his certainty that he has met one of his most iconic characters in person, there was much to talk about in the first chapter of what will prove to be a most satisfying exploration of a genius writer.  Cutting his creative teeth on the British anthology comic scene, usually under a sobriquet.  From there he would expand his talents remarkably with the introduction of two series in Warrior Magazine that would become world-famous.

So just who is this Alan Moore person, anyway?  That is what Andy, Cole, and Jefferson attempt to determine as they talk about this influential writer and (at times) seeming madman.  His works, his moods, his triumphs, and more…on Moore.


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