Hey Kids, Comics! #171 - The "10s" Part One

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 171.

"People Love Top Ten Lists" - Nic

And frankly I can't disagree.  In an issue of HKC, that is equal parts Buzzfeed, and an Improv Experiment, we explore everything from netflix to babes.  There is also a surprising amount of Longshot for some reason.  We are joined by Nic, and record live from Kentucky.  Ample Warning, we are using a new rig, and not all the bugs are worked out, so the sound might get a little wonky at times, just hang in there, and it will be worth your while.

Cole is still out for this one, and just like when your parents go out on a date night, Nic and I raid the liqueur and get a little dirty with it, so put the kids to bed and get ready for the first installment of  the "10s".

Why is there a picture of swamp thing over there?  Click below to listen and find out!

....yes, and!

Hey Kids, Comics! #170 - The Best Comics We've Ever Played

Note:  The numbering of this issue has been corrected, it was in fact issue 170.

Once more into the breach, fearless listeners!  HKC is back with issue 170:  The Best Comics We've Ever Played.  With Cole off to focus his boundless energy on what is sure to be an amazing All-Con (side quest), Andrew forges new alliances with old friends to continue the journey into the dark heart of all things Comics.  Joined by Hulking Barbarian, Kurt Maksay; and Guileful Gnome Tinkerer, Jordan Waag, the boys attempt to peel back the layers on the topic of Comic Book Games.  From vast fields of RPG to the peaceful valleys of board games this band plows forward to answer important questions like "Why hasn't Kurt played G.U.R.P.'s" and "Why is Heroclix so much like Freemasonry"? 

So velcro on your cape, and set your GM Screen to stun, your adventure begins NOW...well as soon as you hit up the link below

This show gets a little blue, so maybe not so much for kids...yeah?

Hey Kids, Comics! #169 - "Con Game"

Hey Kids, Comics! is back again with a particularly different issue this week that examines the advent and rise of the comic book convention.

Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are seasoned veterans of the "con game" and are fascinated by the whole phenomenon.  From the first such convention in 1964 in New York City to the modern mega-show that is more a media show than a comic show, a lot of ground is covered in this issue.

No lines, no exclusives that sell out instantly, no guests, but a whole lot of fun as Hey Kids, Comics! takes on the convention scene, right down to personal experiences on the part of Andy and Cole.

Click on the icon above to discover dozens of conventions in the Lone Star State!

The Rantcor Pit #47 - The Outer Rim Part One: Movie Nights

Dear Rantcor: Sorry for the delay, three days late may not seem like much, but I do like to try to hit the marks more often than not.  - JediCole
Greetings, Outlander.  Welcome to a special Rantcor Pit Trilogy that explores the myriad times that Star Wars left the confines of that Galaxy Far, Far Away and wound up, directly or in reference, on the big screen in somebody else's movie.

In celebration of the latest anniversary of Fanboys, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina discuss not only this celebration of Star Wars in a feature film, but other movies that give a nod or wink to the Saga, parody or reference, or also show their love of Star Wars as that popular little indy film had done in 2009.  

Personal favorites, half-forgotten movie memories, and reminisces of subtle little "things Star Wars" on the silver screen are the stuff of this show.  While not a comprehensive look at such references, there are plenty of memories shared from Armageddon to Zack and Miri Make a Porno!

Hey Kids, Comics #168 - Creator Spotlight #5: John Byrne

It's "SPOTLIGHT" Time Again!

After nearly a year it was time to shine the HKC! Spotlight on a favorite comic creator.  It has been too long.  Far too long, in fact, as the focus of this issue is an artist and writer who is long overdue for an in-depth exploration.  None other than John Byrne!

As creators go, Byrne brings far more than an average body of work to the table.  His work on Uncanny X-Men helped cement the popularity of that title after its initial revival under Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.  From there Byrne's art and writing became a staple of Marvel comics with his influence being felt in titles such as West Coast Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, and a ground-breaking run on Fantastic Four.  

Speaking of ground-breaking, John Byrne took on the insurmountable task of resetting the 50 year history of DC Comics' flagship character, Superman.  Making the jump from Marvel to DC would see him lending his remarkable talents to the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman.  In the midst of all of this he continued to create his own original work and even wrote a novel!

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