Andrew Farmer's Show Notes Are a Thing of Beauty!

With the conclusion of "Rogue-ish I's", the Batman villain story arc, the JCU is proud to share with you host Andrew Farmer's show notes.  

Click on the photo above to enlarge.
These notes were jotted down during the recording of the shows and reflect Andy's favorite moments!  Your hosts never really know what will come up during the course of a given show or arc, so to have a bit of the process preserved to be shared here is something unique.  Some details of the notes appear below.

You'll want to listen to "Rogue-ish I's:  Coin Toss" to get this particular reference above.

Good wine and great lines are mentioned above.  This is what happens when you mess with the Batmans!

Comic Book Bernie Sanders (from "Caucus on Infinite Earths" and other issues of the show) is referenced as well.

It's always best to record a show with a few friends in the audience.  Andy was accompanied by Spider-Man, Cyclops, Iron Man, Taskmaster, Starfox, Hawkeye, and Grim Reaper in this case!


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