The Rantcor Pit Live #42 - A Star War on Christmas

Welcome to the second annual Star Wars Christmas Wish List episode of The Rantcor Pit Live!  On this episode (which went live on Sunday, November 15, 2015) Cole Houston and Eddie Medina help you with your holiday wish-list for the Star Wars fan in your life.
Even more so than last year, 2015 will be chock full of choices, so narrowing the field to a few to cover in one hour was more challenging.  A total of ten top choices are covered on the show, so if you missed it on Sunday, here is your chance to catch up on some top choices from your hosts.

May the Force be with you with the great gift ideas you will find here...

The Rantcor Pit Live 11-15-15 by DeepEllumOnAir

And for the Eddi-fication of my clueless co-host, an animated classic...


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