Hey Kids, Comics! #77 - Rethinking the Legends: Joining Forces

Hey everybody!  It's time for Hey Kids, Comics! yet again!  

The current time/space/reality bending story arc continues this week with a mash-up of unprecedented proportions!  Or perhaps there is a precedent after all.  For decades comic companies major and minor have teamed up to allow the borders of their respective universes to blur and pit characters against one another or have them join forces as well against a common (or uncommon) foe.  And then there are the even more uncommon examples of the lines blurring to the point of being non-existent.  Thus was the case when DC and Marvel blended their universes way back in 1996.  And again in 1997.

Yet again this week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston join forces with Bobby Blakey to talk up crossovers, team-ups, and other mutually beneficial cash grab gimmicks over the years.  

JCU Sunday Funnies #42

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

The Rantcor Pit 8: Artoo-Me, Too!

Has it been two weeks already?!  It appears that it has and that means it's time for a new episode of The Rantcor Pit!  This time Cole and Eddie have cooked up a little something special for you as they explore the impact Star Wars had on the film and television industries.  After the summer of 1977, science fiction was not only more viable, it was considered highly marketable - and everyone wanted a piece of the pie that George Lucas had just pulled out of the oven!

From blatant rip-off movies to television and film inspired by trail blazed by Star Wars, during the years of the original trilogy a great many pretenders to the throne emerged.  Special guest Steve McCauley joins the discussion of this golden age of star-spanning adventures in the entertainment industry.

And here is the promised link to the article on the awkward Star Trek: The Motion Picture alien.

Hey Kids, Comics! #76 - Rethinking the Legends: Another Time, Another Place

Time and space mean little to the editorial mandate to "mix it up" for the all too familiar characters in comics.  The current story arc delves into this very "alternative" aspect of comic books with a look at displacing well known heroes and villains by changing the time period or the reality in which their adventures take place. 

Feudal Japan, realms of sword and sorcery fantasy, the distant future, other planets, and post-Apocalyptic nightmares have all been grist for the mill of such realities.  Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, along with story arc guest Bobby Blakey, for a journey through various times and places in which our favorite characters have had their tales juxtaposed.

This will make sense, we promise.

JCU Sunday Funnies #41

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Whadjathink? - American Hustle

Do the Hustle!

It's time to go to the movies with Catherine Houston and Bobby Blakey yet again!  Or, more accurately, to talk about the movies.  In this case the new Christian Bale film American Hustle is the topic of discussion ala the drive home from the theater.  

Joining your hosts this week is their special guest (and Bobby's wife) Drusilla Blakey!  

Hey Kids, Comics! #75 - Rethinking the Legends: This Changes Everything

Welcome to another Earth-shattering issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  Or perhaps that is universe-shattering, since Andrew and Cole are tackling the weighty topic of alternate timelines, worlds, and incarnations of favorite heroes.  From Elsewords to House of M and beyond, some changes are temporary or "nonexistent" while others manage to sneak into the mainstream continuity.

Bobby Blakey (of Whadathink?) joins the discussion yet again as your intrepid comic fans delve into the variant tales that managed to stick.

JCU Sunday Funnies #40

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

The Rantcor Pit 7: Cooler Than Captain Kirk

Don't get mad just yet, ye Star Trek fans!  We love us some Captain Kirk, too.  Just give the episode a listen and this will all make sense.  

The Rantcor Pit is back on schedule with a great episode that kind of came out of the blue.  Cole "Never Tell Me the Odds" Houston and Eddie "It's Not My Fault" Medina are joined by Hey Kids, Comics! star Andrew "He's the Brains, Sweetheart" Farmer for an inspired discussion of none other than Han Solo.  The smuggler turned hero of the Rebellion offers up plenty to talk about when a conversation Andrew had with a friend becomes fodder for a great new show.

Go strap yourselves in because we are about to make the jump to light speed!

Listen to this episode

Hey Kids, Comics! #74 - Rethinking the Legends: Another You

It's time for a new story arc here at Hey Kids, Comics!, and this one is going to be a great one! 

Over the years the alternate timeline, alternate reality, or otherwise "not your father's fill-in-the-blank" concept has become more than just an often revisited chestnut.  It has almost become the norm!  From reboots and relaunches to DC's Elseworlds imprint to cross-company mash-ups like the Amalgum, you can pretty much count on some new takes on old favorites.  Some of these plots are one-shot tales outside of continuity, others represent sweeping change.  

With this arc Andrew Farmer of Earth 22 and Cole Houston's transdimensional clone/twin/duplicate seek to discover the variety of divergent incarnations in all of their forms.  JCU Sunday Funnies contributor Bobby Blakey dives headlong into this first such exploration which highlights the reimagining of characters taken out of their familiar time and place and put in a different period of history or originating under vastly different circumstances.  Join the fun as 17th century super heroes, Communist-raised alien visitors, and other fantastic variants of established characters are the order of the day.

JCU Sunday Funnies #39

Want to see Bobby Blakey's art and his own humor including the newly relaunched Last Stop?  Check out six years of the strip plus new material right here!

Whatdjathink? - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Welcome to another great episode of Whadjathink?, it's been a while!

Now that the show is back it is time to discover what your hosts Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston and Bobby Blakey thought of The Secret Life of Walter Middy.  

By the way, Bobby...a clementine is a an orange.

Three Years Old Today!

Has it been three years?

Today, January 2, 2013, marks the third anniversary of The JediCole Universe!  On Sunday, January 2, 2011 I published the very first post to the site.  In the months and years since, through fits and starts, my little corner of the internet has grown beyond my expectations.  This year the site averaged 1,200 pageviews per month!  While that is not a massive number, considering that the site started out with less than 300 views a month.

Back then I promised five different features of which all but one have seen the light of day here, albeit with new names in some cases.  From an ambitious pursuit to the home of The JediCole Podcasting Network (and more) in so short a time is really quite remarkable to me.  Along the way I have had the help and support of some amazingly talented people, almost all of whom have contributed in some way to the various podcasts to be found here. 

It has been immensely satisfying to watch this site grow and to add to the ever-growing features.  In the last year alone Hey Kids, Comics! celebrated its first anniversary, You Are Here premiered as the flagship of JCU Sunday Funniesand The Rantcor Pit was reconfigured and relaunched.  A brand new movie review and recap show, Whadjathink?, also debuted in 2013.  The JediCole Universe has had a presence at a variety of conventions and successfully spun off Convention Awareness Project - Texas, your source for conventions in the Lone Star State.

In 2014 I plan to ramp up production on "lost" features like JediCole's Open Mic NightIt Came From the Dollar Store!, Who Do You Love?, and Odd eBay.  Andrew, Catherine, Bobby, Stu, Eddie, and I all have big plans for our respective shows in the new year as well.  Things are just going to get even more amazing here at the JCU and I can't thank you enough for making this possible!

                                                                    Cole "JediCole" Houston
                                                                    January 2, 2014

Hey Kids, Comics! #73 - The Year in "Hey Kids, Comics!"

2013 was an amazing year.  It saw the first anniversary of this show and also marked our first calendar year!

During the course of the year we have explored dozens of topics, talked about more characters and comic titles than you can shake a stick at, and introduced a myriad of characters that are unique to the HKC! universe.  Andrew and Cole have sought to entertain and inform with a comic book show by two people who love the medium.  But how well have we done?

Just because this is our show, we are not above self-evaluation.  As is so often the case at the end of a year it was time to take a look back on everything we achieved, where we might improve, and examine where we are headed as a show.  Join us as we take a look at 2013 (and even a bit from 2012) in a special trip down memory lane.

Be sure to check out the "HKC! Back Issue Bin" to enjoy every single issue of the show!

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