The JediCole Universe Presents: Rising to the Occassion - Thoughts Immediately Following "The Dark Knight Rises" Screening

It's a Saturday night after a couple of exhausting days and the only thing on my mind is finally getting to a theatre to see The Dark Knight Rises!  Mrs. JediCole and I, along with our friend Cailin, managed to get out and do just that at a 7 PM screening.  Immediately after Mrs. JediCole suggested that we record a reveiw and despite the long days that preceeded viewing the latest Batman movie and the late hour at which we began, that suggestion became the recording you are about to hear.

This reveiw contains minimal editiing to maintain the organic, in the moment feel of three people talking up an incredible movie they just enjoyed.  So now you can be a part of the conversation in real time...


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